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There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to watch your favorite movie or show, only to find that there is no video sound in the VLC Media Player app. This guide dives into the solutions specifically for iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners, so the silence won’t last long.

General solutions for all devices

1. Basic Volume Controls

Always make sure that both your device’s system volume and VLC’s in-app volume are turned up first. Don’t forget about VLC’s volume slider. Sometimes it is the simplest solution that works wonders when you encounter VLC sound problems:

  1. Make sure your device’s system volume is turned up.
  2. Open VLC and find the volume slider in the app.
  3. Slide the volume to an audible level and make sure it’s not muted.
  4. Play your video and check for audio.

2. File Integrity

Not all video files are created equal. Some may be corrupted or encoded in a different format. A quick method to check this is to play your video in another app or even on a separate device. If the sound is absent elsewhere, the problem may be with the video file itself:

  1. Find another video player app or device.
  2. Play the video in question.
  3. If there is no sound, consider purchasing another copy of the video or checking its source.

3. Adjust playback speed

Did you know that changing the playback speed of a video can mute its sound? Make sure your video is set to the default speed (1.00x) to avoid audio glitches:

  1. Within VLC, locate the playback controls.
  2. Verify that the playback speed is 1.00x. If not, adjust it.
    playback speed 1.00
  3. Play the video to check if the audio has been restored.

4. Refresh the app

As with many technical issues, sometimes all you need is a simple reboot. Close and re-open the VLC app to see if that brings back the elusive audio.

5. App Updates

Staying informed can make a world of difference. Check for updates regularly to ensure VLC is running optimally:

  1. Check your App Store or VLC website for updates.
    appstore vlc media player
  2. Download and install all available updates.
  3. Restart VLC and test the video.

How to fix no video sound in VLC app on iPhone and iPad

1. Selection of audio tracks

2. Check the audio output of the device

Play another video or song to see if other apps are producing sound. Also, make sure you’ve chosen the correct audio output in VLC, especially if you’re using external speakers or headphones:

  1. Play a song or video outside of VLC.
  2. Make sure the audio output in VLC is set to your preferred method (internal speakers, headphones, etc).

3. Download or transfer the video again

If you suspect that the video file may be causing the problem, consider downloading it again. Choose another source or download in a varied resolution to ensure compatibility:

  1. Delete the current video.
  2. Download or transfer the video from another source or in a different format or file size.
  3. Play the video in VLC to check for sound.

4. Reset or reinstall VLC

Sometimes a fresh start can make a difference. Reset VLC settings or consider reinstalling the app. But remember: this may delete files in the app, so always back up your favorites.

You may also want to check out how to troubleshoot video audio sync issues on your iPhone.

How to fix no video sound in VLC app on Mac

1. Enable Audio in VLC

It is possible that the audio setting of your VLC player is disabled. Navigate to VLC Settings and make sure “Enable Audio” is checked:

  1. Open VLC and navigate to it Institutions or Preferences.
  2. Go to the Audio section.
  3. Ensure Turn on audio has been checked.

2. Selection of audio tracks

As with iPhones, make sure you’ve selected the correct audio track, especially if you have multiple options:

  1. While a video is playing, open the Audio menu in VLC.
  2. Navigate to audio file and toggle between available tracks or deselect and reselect the current one.

3. Disable audio effects

Some audio effects in VLC can cause playback problems. Go to VLC settings and disable any active audio effects:

  1. Access VLC Institutions or Preferences.
  2. Navigate to the Audio section.
  3. Disable any active audio effects or visualizations.

4. System failures and reboots

If VLC remains silent, a system error may be the culprit. Quickly reboot your Mac and try playing your video again:

  1. Close all open applications.
  2. Restart your Mac.
  3. Launch VLC and test your video.

5. Convert and reinstall video files

Converting the video to another format can sometimes solve playback issues. If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall VLC. But remember to always back up your videos to avoid any loss:

  1. Use a video conversion tool to resize your video.
  2. If the problem persists, backup all essential videos, uninstall and reinstall VLC.
  3. Play the video again in the freshly installed VLC.
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Empty media library in VLC app on iPhone?

If the VLC media library on your iPhone seems empty or if VLC is not showing files on your iPad, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Refresh the library: Sometimes you just need to pull down the media library view to refresh and make the files appear.
  2. File Compatibility: Make sure the files you are trying to view are compatible with VLC. VLC supports a wide variety of file types, but sometimes some don’t appear if they are not supported or if they are corrupted.
  3. Transfer the files again: If you are transferring files to VLC from a computer, try the transfer process again. This can be done using iTunes or other file transfer methods such as Wi-Fi sharing.
  4. Check storage permissions: Go to iPhone/iPads Settings > Privacy > Files & Folders > VLC and make sure VLC can access your device’s storage.
  5. Update the app: Check the App Store for VLC updates. An outdated app version may contain bugs that affect the media library.
  6. Reinstall VLC: As a last resort, you can uninstall and reinstall VLC from the App Store. Don’t forget to backup all important files before doing this because uninstalling the app will delete all media stored in it.
  7. Contact us for support: If none of the above solutions work, consider contacting VLC’s official forums or support channels for help. Sometimes it can be a known issue and the VLC community can provide insights or solutions.
empty media library iPad


Why is there no sound on VLC player Mac?

There are several reasons why VLC may be muted on a Mac, from disabled audio settings to system issues. This guide provides steps to resolve each possibility.

Why does my VLC not sound?

Make sure that the volume settings are correct, that the video file contains sound, and that you have selected the correct audio track. If the problems persist, consider the solutions given above.

VLC still works on iPad?

Yes, VLC is available and functional for iPad and is regularly updated to accommodate the latest iOS versions.


Audio problems in VLC can be daunting, but with systematic troubleshooting they are often easy to fix. Make sure your VLC is always updated for the best playback experience and make a habit of backing up important video files. After all, prevention is better than cure. For more information, read what to do if there’s no sound on your iPhone.

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