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Qept is a simple iOS note-taking app that is all about texting yourself

Qept is a simple iOS notes app to send yourself a text message

In the fast-paced world of modern technology and constant contact, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most efficient. This is Qept. This is friendly iOS note-taking software that focuses on the art of getting your message across to yourself. Qept is a simple and intuitive way to record and organize ideas, reminders and important information directly on your iOS iPhone with its minimalist design and messaging style interface.

Qept’s goal is to make it easier to take notes and organize your thoughts in the digital world of information overload. Qept is great for when you need to save important information for later, create quick reminders, or just remember that great idea you just had.

Explore the world of Qept, examine its capabilities, and demonstrate how Qept can be your go-to tool for efficiency and personal organization. Qept aims to make self-messaging on your iOS smartphone easy, so you can say goodbye to unorganized thoughts and forgetting deadlines.

People frequently send messages to themselves using messaging apps. Messaging applications such as Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp have built-in bookmarking and note-taking tools. With the “him DMs to myself” phenomenon in mind, developer Willem de Beijer has created his Qept, a new notes app for iOS.

While some popular chat applications offer self-texting options, Qept does a better job of organizing and correcting notes, according to its creator. She claimed that the program allows users to quickly create a to-do list for her to schedule her daily activities or conveniently shop for food.

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Just like any other chat application, you can send your notes and thoughts by starting typing and pressing “send”. The text boxes are ticked so you can quickly create a checklist or to-do list. You can assign “topics” to your notes for better organization. However, you don’t have to.

The home timeline shows all your notes, with or without topics. Users can change it even after sending a message to the timeline. De Beijer said app users will soon be able to hide or collapse notes related to specific topics. The user can also quickly show or hide his archived messages with a single swipe.

The developer plans to deliver upgrades over the next few weeks, including enhanced aesthetic appearance and navigation, filters for archived notes, the ability to include reminders, and the ability to style messages with bullet points. De Beijer plans to introduce features like note search, bulk editing, and rich link support to the Mac program this year.

After downloading for free, users have to pay $7.99 per month to add more than 3 topics to the app. Later, the developer said that they intend to add more professional features such as support for images and files.

In terms of features, Qept is comparable to Stashpad. Stashpad raised his $1.8 million last year from Postman, Loom and Webflow operators, as well as PagerDuty CTO Alex Solomon and Calm CTO Will Larson. Stashpad, on the other hand, is primarily focused on developers, and he has a free usage limit of 50 notes per device. Pay $10/month or $96/year to get access to unlimited note sync and pro features.

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Users who need basic note-taking functionality and frequently use checklists to complete tasks may consider Qept as a better free alternative.

In conclusion, Qept is a user-friendly iOS notes app that facilitates quick and efficient self-messaging. A messaging-style interface provides an easy way to capture and organize thoughts, reminders, and important information on your iOS device. Qept is a handy personal organization and productivity tool that allows you to easily send messages to yourself for future reference or convenience.

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