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Application Spotlight: PlayerPro music player

PlayerPro Music Player is a versatile and feature-rich music player application designed to enhance your listening experience on mobile devices. With its comprehensive feature set and customizable options, PlayerPro offers an exceptional way to enjoy your favorite music.

PlayerPro music player

Feature-packed music playback

PlayerPro features a powerful playback engine that supports a wide variety of audio formats, ensuring compatibility with virtually all of your music files. The intuitive interface makes it easy to browse and navigate your music library, artists, albums and playlists. The app also supports gapless playback, ensuring seamless transitions between songs for a continuous listening experience.

Audio improvements

One of PlayerPro’s notable features is its range of audio enhancements that allow you to tailor your music to your preferences. The app includes a 5-band equalizer with preset options and a customizable user preset for fine-tuning audio frequencies. In addition, you can use the built-in bass boost and virtualization effects to add depth and richness to your music.

PlayerPro music player apk

Smart playlists and tag editing

Creating and managing playlists is a breeze with PlayerPro. The app’s smart playlist feature automatically generates playlists based on criteria such as most played, recently added, and top rated songs. You can also create your own custom playlists and reorder songs however you like. In addition, PlayerPro allows you to edit and customize music tags, ensuring accurate metadata for your tracks.

Customizable themes and skins

Customize the look of your music player with a wide variety of themes and skins available in the PlayerPro library. From sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant and colorful options, you can choose a visual style to suit your taste and mood.

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PlayerPro Music Player Pro

Widget support and lock screen controls

PlayerPro offers handy widget support so you can control playback without opening the app. You can place widgets on your device’s home screen for quick access to your music controls. In addition, the app offers lock screen controls so you can manage playback without unlocking your device.

Offline music and cloud integration

PlayerPro allows you to download and store music for offline listening, ideal for situations where you are not connected to the internet. In addition, the app supports integration with cloud storage services, allowing you to access your music collection from different devices.

Crossfade and sleep timer

For a seamless listening experience, PlayerPro offers crossfade functionality, which transitions smoothly between songs by overlapping their ending and beginning. The app also includes a sleep timer that allows you to set a specific time for the music to stop playing, which is useful for those who like to fall asleep while listening to music.


PlayerPro Music Player stands as a robust and customizable music player application and offers a plethora of features to enhance your music journey. With its advanced audio settings, smart playlists and visual customization options, PlayerPro offers a rich and customized musical experience for users who want more than just a simple music player.

What’s new:
– Upgraded to Android 13
– Added ability to customize left/right buttons in notification status
– Moves the playback time indicator from the first line to the second line
– Changed the colors of the navigation/status bars
– Added the now playing track details between the navigation bar and the search bar on the player screen
– PlayerPro lockscreen fixes/improvements
– Compatibility with DSP package Android 13
– Other performance and stability fixes
– Updated translations

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★ Untouched paid apk with original hash signature
★ Certificate MD5 summary: 8f400d4e30766ea3f817d1b3f424f29f
★ No changes have been made
➡ Languages: full multiple languages
➡ Screen DPIs: 120 dpi, 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi


To download

PlayerPro music player v5.35 build 235 APK [Paid] Armeabi-v7a / Mirror

PlayerPro music player v5.35 build 235 APK [Paid] Arm64-v8a / Mirror

Older version

PlayerPro music player v5.33 build 230 [Paid] Armeabi-v7a / Mirror

PlayerPro music player v5.33 build 230 [Paid] Arm64-v8a / Mirror

PlayerPro music player v5.31 build 228 [Paid] Armeabi-v7a / Mirror

PlayerPro music player v5.31 build 228 [Paid] Arm64-v8a / Mirror

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