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Picture Manager Rename and organize with EXIF

Picture Manager is a must-have application that helps you organize and rename your photos. Use the data provided and rename it to a different format.

Photo Administrator

Picture Manager has many unique features that allow you to freely adjust the position and replacement of text in your file. You can also edit the file type date on your mobile phone, etc.

Change the location of your photo gallery folder

This is a tool that clones the image manager in different sizes based on the capacity of the user’s phone. If you have too many photos in your phone and they are in a chaotic place and you can’t find them, this utility can help you fill them all. You don’t have to remember what you brought. Picture Manager automatically places them in the correct folders and saves them with names according to where they were taken. This is very useful. your time.

Picture Manager APK

Clean up storage and optimize large files

To save space and delete unnecessary files, the app offers the same image search and delete features to free up more space for your collection. In addition, you can also optimize the size of large files if you don’t want to overload your memory by adjusting the right size and quality so that your images are not damaged after formatting. Photos are saved in external storage or cloud wallpapers. In addition, you can experiment with EXIF ​​editing to set date and time deltas on different images.

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Provides a lot of additional data from GPX

To provide users with the best experience, manufacturers are constantly updating and adding necessary features to make their applications more and more perfect. One of the most popular features is the ability to take coordinates with another application and convert them to a gpx file. If your phone does not have enough memory and GPS, the application will compare the image and time from its gpx file and store it in GPS. In addition, thumbnail images on the LCD screen are saved in EXIF ​​format for easy and convenient preview.

Photo manager pro

Most important features

Freely convert and place images as you like and rename them with Image Manager for different formats

You can remember the places you visited and write the date on the photos so you can enjoy taking photos without worrying about the photos getting in the way.

Clean up your collection by identifying and removing duplicate photos, never run out of storage space, reclaim storage space and increase storage space usage

Experience new features like adding data from GPX if your phone doesn’t have enough GPS modules. App helps to transfer data from GPX to GPS

Many new unique features can be found and unlocked by upgrading to a new version. This is the best app to experience and use

What’s new:

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Premium features unlocked
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To download

Picture Manager v5.25.0 APK [Premium] / Mirror

Older version

Picture Manager v5.23.1 APK [Premium] / Mirror

Picture Manager v5.14.0 APK [Premium] / Mirror

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