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Peak – Brain Games & Training is a collection of mini-games aimed at helping players improve their memory and brain processing power with various features and elements. The content is relaxing and full of entertainment, with bite-sized levels that allow players to continuously improve their brain’s memory capacity. In addition, there are many additional functions that allow people to practice more mundane or complex things and push their limits.

Brain training and relaxing games

Peak now offers over 45 uniquely designed mini-games. Most are simple puzzles with randomly repeating structures that the player can continually adapt to. All these games can evolve on multiple levels to improve the player’s performance. B. The scope or complexity of each question. It can also be an educational app that allows people to increase their vocabulary and solve puzzles with exciting points.

Test your attention with a decoder

Many players have difficulty paying attention and often forget something they have just seen. Therefore, the first content will be a game that improves people’s attention and memory in a professional and gentle way. The exciting thing is that they all develop naturally, rather than forcing you to improve your memory with the highest efficiency compared to many current methods. To learn

Peak introduces more exercises in games to help users learn more new vocabulary quickly. The system’s built-in dictionaries support many international languages, and each word reaches the player in different ways, with different speeds and effects. Over time, new fields will open up more vocabulary, giving people access to new types of knowledge.

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Set goals with different expectations

Anyone who participates in this game can set and strive for many goals and continually practice as they progress. What’s practical about it is that the system relies on the player’s goal to teach the right lesson in the allotted time and practice the skill every day. to expand your options to improve your knowledge.

Fun brain training puzzles

Peak’s special puzzles, unlike the tutorials, each have a different effect on brain training and relaxation. All content is automatically regenerated with a new random structure while the player keeps moving and completes everything within the allotted time. The difficulty and scope of the puzzles will also increase over time, allowing players to enjoy the essence and relaxation.

Customize playlists for different purposes

Each game can be freely customized and personalized by genre depending on the player’s goals. This level of personalization allows you to focus on your weaker areas, allowing you to improve quickly and gain new experience in short lessons. Best of all, users can take offline quizzes and lessons anytime, anywhere to exercise their memory and brain.

Peak is regularly updated with new content, performance improvements and unique features that allow anyone to train their brain skills. All content also has a wide range of customization options, giving users the freedom to personalize it or prioritize the faintest details.


Peak - Brain training


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