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Passo a Passo para Atualizar seu App Caixa Tem no Android and iOS

Use our financial apps, such as Caixa Tem, which enable a large number of lives, increasing the need to purchase software to ensure your security and smooth operation. Consider this, if you want to explore how easy it is to work and direct, you can also continue using these operating systems: Android and iOS.

Why is Caixa an important topic?

Our frequent applications of Caixa Tem, used by more than 40 million brasileiros, are fundamental to guarantee security and efficiency in the realization of financial transactions and access to a social program. It is important to realize that you can ensure a better experience in the near future, especially using the app.

How do you know if Caixa Tem is not an iPhone?

We continue using the iPhone. It’s a simple thing that can lead to a problem with your equipment:

1. There is an “App Store”;
2. No inferior direito, clique on lupa – or icon of “Buscar”;
3. Number “Caixa Tem”;
4. Toque em “Buscar”, no canto inferior direito;
5. If the app is not installed, click on the “Obter” or you can apply its installation to your most recent version;
6. If you use an app, you can create a clique in the “Atualizar”.

Use Android, update or Caixa Tem is a passos

For using Android, an adaptation of Caixa is a simple and quick fact:

1. We have a “Google Play Store”;
2. Toque em “Buscar”, on a superior part of the song and the digital “Caixa Tem”;
3. In the “Caixa Tem” it is not the installation time of the app, click the “Installation” whether the application can be installed or modified;
4. If you are using an app, click “Atualizar” to appear more recently.

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Is it possible to automatically create a direct debit?

If you don’t have to worry about adjusting the Caixa time, while using a new version, it is possible to work automatically. When you use the app, it sometimes connects to Wi-Fi, as if you want to work precisely.

No iPhone, you can open ‘Customize > App Store’ and ‘Download Apps’. Not Android, or you can use ‘Google Play Store > Menu > Configurations > Automatic App Downloads’.

Because you may have had time to prove that the functionalities are applicable, these or your problems. Lembre-se: an adjustment is fundamental for your security and the use of financial financial matters.

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