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OWC Drive Speed ​​iOS App Released – Test External Drive Performance on iPhone

OWC is a brand specializing in storage solutions and connectivity. This time, we have released an iOS app called OWC Drive Speed. This will allow you to simulate a recording environment and test the transfer speed when using an external drive with your iPhone. Let’s see how it works!

Whether it will replace prosumer cameras at some point remains to be seen, but smartphone video capabilities are improving with each new release. The recently launched iPhone 15 Pro and its unique features (like Apple Log recording) give filmmakers and content creators an all-in-one tool to bring our ideas to life. However, your smartphone is not a dedicated video camera, so you need space to store your videos and everything else. Apple Log requires quite a bit of storage, so sooner or later you’ll need to use an external hard drive. For example, Apple internally does not allow him to shoot his ProRes HQ Log, 4K at 60fps.

We all know the benefits of shooting ProRes HQ Log. Although the file size is huge, ProRes is easier to edit than his H.264 and reduces the load on your computer. HQ also improves image quality. Additionally, the log profile provides more flexibility for color grading in post.

So how fast does an external drive need to be? At least fast enough to record in the format of your choice. With so many brands and specifications on the market, this is where OWC Drive Speed ​​comes in handy.

This will be a familiar setup for filmmakers on the iPhone 15 Pro – Image credit: Rene Strgar

Drive Speed, a simple but useful app

OWC Drive Speed ​​allows you to monitor video recording between your iPhone and external drives. The app has real-time speed monitoring to keep you on track and avoid unexpected frame drops and recording interruptions. It supports a wide range of external drives (USB drives, SSDs, memory card readers, etc.) and lets you customize transfer settings by choosing video format, frames per second, and duration. This way you can create accurate simulations to check if your external device is fast enough to support recording. Data analysis can be saved and shared for subsequent tracking and reference, speeding up workflows and helping you collaborate with others.

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The app is simple and allows you to adjust all parameters on one screen. Once you open the app, just set your destination and the parameters you want to test. Once the check is complete, you will know whether your storage unit is suitable for recording.

Test your external drive using OWC before shooting – Image credit: Rene Strgar

OWC Drive Speed ​​looks like a useful companion at a time when demanding data transfers have become commonplace in the latest iPhone models. Thanks to data transfer testing apps like OWC Drive Speed, you can have peace of mind before shooting. Sooner or later, you’ll need to use external storage to store high-quality video, and the iPhone 15 Pro and upcoming models will become more and more common in professional settings.

Price and availability

OWC Drive Speed ​​is now available for free from the Apple Store. Please note that you need at least iOS 17.0 or later to install.

What do you think about this new app? Have you used it to test your drives? Let us know in the comments!

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