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Stay one step ahead of the weather with renowned weather sources such as Dark Sky Weather, AccuWeather and WeatherBit. Use 96-hour radar maps, choose from more than 50 beautiful widgets, monitor the weather with warnings for extreme situations and choose from 6 different looks, from white to gray or OLED black.

Detailed weather forecast

Overdrop Weather keeps you out of the storm by offering live weather forecasts from reputable companies. Our complete weather forecast, rain or shine, gives you quick access to weather data such as ‘mood’, wind speed, rain, hail, snow, UV index, cloud cover, pressure, humidity and visibility.

Severe weather warning

Even under harsh weather conditions, you can live with peace of mind. Detailed weather indicators warn of potential hazards, such as severe storms, to keep you safe. Overdrop Weather sends important alerts to your notifications so you never miss a thing.

24 hour weather forecast

Predict the weather with stunning temperature, wind and rain graphs. Visualize your data on a timeline so you can easily spot fluctuations. (For example, a storm is indicated by a bump on a precipitation map, and a heat wave is indicated by a bump on a temperature map.) The 7-day weather forecast lets you plan up to a week in advance.

7 day weather forecast

A 7-day forecast allows you to plan up to a week in advance. Informative iconography and concise summaries provide a clear picture of what lies ahead: sunshine, storms, freezing temperatures and more. Now he has one less problem to worry about.

Customizable weather alerts

Receive live updates with great weather forecasts so you don’t get caught in the storm. Customize the look of your notifications, from icons to locations and colors, and subscribe to daily weather forecasts. The temperature in the status bar is indicated by a small icon at the top of the screen.

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Weather radar

Stay one step ahead with Radar Maps. Data from the Global Prediction System and EMC, NCEP, NWS and NOAA are used to power the radar. Data collected by the global radar network helps identify precipitation such as drizzle, storms and snowfall, and GWS conducts statistical analysis to map expected changes.

Weather widget

Choose from over 50 independent widgets that display the current weather forecast, time of day and battery status. This includes Pixel Launcher’s At a Glance widget and iOS 16 widgets. Overdrop Weather Widget is compatible with any home app and does not require any third-party software.


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