Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Aria — Opera’s AI browser assistant comes to iOS devices. Developed in partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI, the AI ​​assistant is already available to all users of the Opera browser for Android and Opera One for desktop. The AI ​​assistant is integrated directly into your iOS web browser and is free to access. Aria works similarly to the Bing chatbot, allowing users to find answers to their queries and access real-time web results. Besides Aria, the Opera browser for iOS has a built-in ad blocker and his free VPN service

Opera announced Thursday that it has added Aria to its Opera browser for iOS via a blog post. AI capabilities built in partnership with OpenAI are integrated directly into your web browser. Aria offers his AI service for free, allowing users to access his real-time web results.

Aria was first released in Opera for desktop and Opera for Android. The company claims to have reached over 1 million users on both desktop and Android. With the latest iOS release, Aria is now available on various platforms including Opera for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

Aria Assistant works similarly to other chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bing, providing answers to user queries within seconds. The new free AI tool works on Opera’s own ‘Composer’ infrastructure and connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology. Users can navigate through her web and use it to find information, generate text or code, and inquire about products.

Aria is now available in over 180 countries worldwide. Users must be logged in with an Opera account to access this feature. According to Opera, users will have the autonomy to opt-in to his AI experience based on their preferences. Once activated, iOS users will be able to get insights, ideas and voice commands.

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In addition to the latest chatbots, the Opera browser for iOS features a built-in ad blocker and supports Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which blocks third-party tracking cookies and cookie interactions. The browser for iPhone also has a free VPN service built-in.

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