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The Opera browser has long been a fan favorite, and with extensive AI integration, the company is now adding an AI assistant that iOS users can enjoy in the app. Opera’s latest update leverages the latest AI assistants built for apps, giving users the ChatGPT experience and more.

Opera is the latest entrant in the massive AI boom in internet browsers, joining the likes of Microsoft Bing, Google Chrome in providing artificial intelligence assistance.

Opera launches AI assistant for iOS browser

Aria, the AI ​​assistant developed for Opera’s web browser, is now on its way to significant mobile integration for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. The company recently announced this integration in a post detailing Aria’s ability to perform a ton of tasks and give users the best possible results.

First and foremost, Aria is an AI chatbot, but it aims to do more than you expect.

“As a result of our collaboration with OpenAI, Aria will provide a state-of-the-art generative AI service, free of charge, powered by the Composer architecture, giving you access to real-time web results,” Opera said. Senior Global, Kseniia Sycheva said. communication manager. “Seamlessly integrated into the browser, Aria brings a revolutionary paradigm to the future of web browsing.”

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Is Opera Aria AI better than Bing?

One of the main selling points of Opera’s Aria AI is that the experience is controlled by the user. This means that you can only access the parts of the AI ​​that you choose to use. Device users have the power to choose which AI services they consume, and power and choice are entirely in the hands of the user.

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Users must have an Opera account before accessing Aria.

Browser and AI development

Microsoft made a big commitment to AI earlier this year, announcing a new and improved Bing around ChatGPT integration through a major partnership with OpenAI. In addition, the company also offered a Microsoft Store with all the apps that give users access to AI, leveraging a wide range of products powered by AI technology.

That said, Microsoft’s close competitor here is Google, and the internet company is now integrating significant AI development into many of its services. With its AI-centric Google DeepMind branch, the company is now putting its AI into various apps like Google Workspace and the Chrome browser that the public can enjoy.

Mozilla is also joining Firefox, which is integrated with AI, bringing new experiences to those who browse the web on that platform.

Opera may be the lesser known of all these browsers, but the company maintains a huge market and is now leveraging AI for the iOS platform with AI chatbot capabilities and more. .

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