Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Three iPhone 14 models show the Obscura 4 app in use.

The Obscura 4 camera app has been released. It comes with a number of new tools and updates along with a new pricing structure.

First released in 2015, Obscura is an app that enables smartphone photographers to get the most out of their gear. The last big update, Obscura 3, was released last year and focused on adding powerful features (which this version is built on), updating libraries, and improving overall performance.

“The Obscura is a camera aimed at professionals and photography enthusiasts alike, but it was designed with everyone in mind. ,” app creator Ben McCarthy said in a release. “I try to keep everything within thumb reach, so whether I’m hanging from a tree or carrying a grocery bag, I can get the most out of Obscura.”

The Obscura 4 app presents a library interface.

Despite the power behind the iPhone’s camera, the default app is a very on-track experience. Users can now change some settings, such as exposure, but it falls short of the fine-tuning capabilities of SLR cameras.

For those already using Obscura 3, the next iteration will act as an update to the existing app rather than downloading a new app. It also has all the options applicable to the Obscura Extra layer, already included in Obscura 3. An Obscura 3 user will get $5 less for the first year if he chooses to upgrade. Obscura is free to download, but users must pay for new premium features in his Obscura Ultra level.

Obscura 4 App

The big difference here is the overall pricing structure. The previous Obscura version had its own separate app and prepayment model. The Obscura 4 will launch at an annual price, which means you won’t have to download a new app every time there’s a big upgrade. McCarthy said there are no plans for a monthly option at this time. Now, through September 11th, Obscura 4 is discounted to $8 per year before jumping to the standard $10 per year price, though there is a free trial option available at that time.

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Different file types that appear in the menu of the Obscura 4 app.

Both Obscura Extra and Ultra users get integrated portrait mode and Live Photos, video recording, multiple aspect ratios, filters, custom app themes and icons, 48MP capture, manual white balance and exposure, RAW and ProRAW. Many features such as captcha are available. Above all. The Obscura Ultra notably has a dual reticle mode, allowing users to set separate focus and exposure points on the viewfinder. An optional exposure clipping highlight feature shows through the viewfinder which parts of the image are underexposed or overexposed.

The app has also been revamped with an update. Camera controls are now bolded above the viewfinder so you can see changes without looking away from your subject, and quick settings are now labeled instead of relying on icons. The exposure dial now uses his 1/3 increments to better mimic a dedicated camera. Also, the zoom and focus controls have swapped positions to accommodate Apple’s now-standard multi-camera setup, with Obscura saying, “The emphasis is on zoom and camera change controls. ”. Manual controls also work on single-camera models.

Photo metadata is displayed in the Obscura 4 app.

Additionally, Obscura adds iPad support. This was present in his second iteration, but was not supported in Obscura 3. Using the app on the iPad also includes keyboard support with keyboard mapping and a design that translates almost seamlessly from the iPhone. The Apple Watch app has also gotten a small upgrade with a new icon.

Obscura 4 seems to have a ton of new features. Mr McCarthy said: “Of course there are a million small changes throughout the app, more than I can list, more than you guys would want to read. I’m sure. I hope you can feel it and it will be a really great experience.”

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