Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

NFL rivalOfficially licensed mobile football game from Mythical Games adds purchase feature Thursday NFTs This brings together features that were previously limited to Mythical’s web-based marketplace.

The move follows a recent announcement by Google. Update Android Play Store policy Enables NFT purchases and in-app integration.

NFL Rivals players who have reached User Level 4 and above will now be able to tap the “Improve My Roster” button in the Team Roster menu and purchase suggested NFT Player Cards. At this time, the game does not feature a full marketplace browsing experience and offers limited suggestions for the player to purchase his cards.

Mythical Games plans to test various in-game marketplace integrations in the coming months, according to Mythical Games. thursday blog postaims to allow players to buy and sell NFTs through games on iOS and Android.

Currently, users are only able to sell NFL Rival NFTs and browse the full selection of listed NFTs on a web-based basis. mythical marketplace. His purchased NFTs will remain in the user’s Mythical account and must be connected to the NFL Rivals game to activate the NFT functionality. Owned NFT Player Cards are added to your lineup and can be used in football games.

NFT purchase feature for NFL Rivals on iOS.Image: Decryption

To purchase recommended NFTs through the iOS or Android app, players must purchase and spend credits, the game’s new in-game currency. This is not cryptocurrency. Credits can be purchased using fiat currency through the App Store or Play Store. Bundles range from 140 credits for $1.99 to 7,000 credits for $99.99.

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This is the approach also taken by the Move-to-Earn game Stepn. Adopted in iOS apps, in May we will create an in-game currency dedicated to purchasing NFTs. In this case, when a user-owned NFT is listed on the marketplace and purchased in-game, the owner will be compensated with MYTH crypto tokens of equal value to the in-game credits spent.

But there’s clearly a big difference compared to Stepn.The mythical representative admitted that Decryption The price of NFTs is the same for buyers, whether they buy through mobile games or through web marketplaces. With Stepn, his NFTs in iOS games are typically at least 30% more expensive to cover Apple’s in-app purchase fees.

at least DecryptionBased on the experience of NFL rivals on iOS so far, all of the proposed NFTs are relatively inexpensive, selling for less than $3 worth of credit each. NFL Rivals NFTs are minted with Mythical Chain. ethereum Virtual Machine-Compatible Blockchain, But The Company Is Planning Migrate to the Polkadot blockchain.

Mythical Games announced Thursday that free-to-play NFL Rivals has racked up more than 2 million downloads since its release to date. Soft launch in April. On Thursday, the game was officially released worldwide ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

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