Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Apple recently announced the upcoming release of iOS 17, their next major update for iPhones. The new operating system was unveiled on June 5 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 and has since been extensively tested for performance improvements and bug fixes. With eight beta updates already released, iOS 17 is expected to roll out at the same time as the launch of the iPhone 15 series at the Wonderlust event on September 12.

If you’re wondering what iOS 17 has in store for your iPhone, here are some of the exciting features you can look forward to:

1. Contact Posters

iOS 17 introduces Contact Posters, a new way for users to customize how they appear on other iPhone users’ screens. You can customize incoming calls with Memoji, typography, font colors and photo edits, giving you more personal expression. These contact posters will also be available in third-party calling apps such as WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype and more.

2. Journal app

The new Journal app in iOS 17 provides a convenient way to record your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in a digital journal. It allows you to add photos, map locations, and music links to your listings, making it easy to keep track of important moments and memories.

3. Messages

Messaging is more fun with the new features of iOS 17. Apple introduces Live Stickers made from Live Photos, which can be accessed through the new Stickers library in Messages. These stickers can also be used in other parts of the system where Markup is available. In addition, iOS 17 offers a quick gesture to reply to specific messages, the ability to share your location within chat, and the option to skip to the last message you’re reading.

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4. Standby

The Standby feature in iOS 17 turns your iPhone into a smart display when you place it on a bedside table or desk. It provides information such as current time and photos at a glance. This feature not only increases convenience, but also helps extend battery life and optimize system performance when the device is not in active use.

5. Live Voicemail

With the Live Voicemail feature, iOS 17 provides live transcription of incoming calls, bringing better call screening capabilities. Instead of rejecting calls and sending them straight to voicemail, you can now get a real-time transcript of what the person is saying so you can decide whether or not to answer.

In addition to these notable features, iOS 17 brings several other improvements. Users can now leave video messages when trying to make a FaceTime video call, there are enhanced privacy features in Safari, mental health features in Health, offline maps in Maps, collaborative playlists in Apple Music, and several security and privacy updates.

With the release of iOS 17 upon us, iPhone users can look forward to a host of exciting new features that will enhance their overall user experience.


– Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023


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