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You may have heard of CRM, but have you also heard of PRM, or Personal Relationship Manager? That’s the concept behind the newly released iOS app called Moments. The app aims to help people maintain their most important personal and professional relationships by providing features such as advice, reminders, and things to do. It also includes an AI composer that helps you create personalized messages and emails for your contacts.

The idea of ​​a personal relationship manager is not new. Other apps offer similar tools, such as Clay, which added its own AI helper this year. Another app, Catchup, launched just last month to help people remember to check in with friends and loved ones. This problem has become more and more common in the social media age, where scrolling through posts and stories makes people feel like they’re still in touch when they’re not actually in direct contact.

Moments was inspired by similar complaints. Developer Robert Keus previously released Scheduled, an app that allows iOS users to prepare his iMessage texts to send at a later date. The app came about because he forgot to say “Happy Birthday” to his friend. Moments builds on your desire to stay in touch, but gives you even more tools.

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To use this app, first add the name of the person you want to keep in touch with. Contacts can be categorized by groups and importance, such as family, work, and friends. Moments creates a social to-do list and reminds users to get in touch. You can choose how often you want to receive these reminders that come as push notifications.

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To take action, tap the reminder to bring up the screen and use your favorite chat app to draft a message, make a call, or snooze or dismiss the reminder as needed . If you don’t know what to say, you can take advantage of the AI ​​helpers included in the app to create customized messages and emails tailored to each contact’s interests.

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Moments also lets you add notes to each contact, set special events, and sync contacts from Hubspot CRM, just like in a professional CRM system.

However, this app strives to be more than just a utility.

Moments includes a variety of tools designed to help users improve their social skills through what we call ‘Learn To-Do’. These are prompts and suggestions designed to help you improve your overall networking abilities.

“For example, it might suggest complimenting someone or asking for advice. I’ll tell you why,” Keith explains.

The app also sends you an opt-in weekly digest summarizing your social tasks for the next few days.

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Moments is a freemium product and is free for up to 20 contacts, including access to learning courses. For more than 20 contacts, the app offers a monthly subscription of $3.99. If you pay 6 or 12 months in advance, the cost is lower.

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The app was self-funded and built by a team from Keus’ agency, the Brothrs Agency, and one external developer. He points out that the developers involved in building the app were all women.

At launch, Moments will only be available on iOS, but Keus said an Android release is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

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