Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Tallahassee, Fla., Aug. 25, 2023 –(– The ClubKit app is a mobile solution for your business or personal brand. ClubKit has a unique concept. It’s a simple Android/iOS app that you can install and add content in just a few steps. Create, publish, and close digital display cases for your products and services. In the second case, we need to generate a code invitation for the subscriber. This is your key to entering the ClubKit space.

Extract custom areas for your brand, company, or activity. Influencers and business leaders are free to design their pages however they like. ClubKit has extensive builder functionality. It provides users with various widgets (where space owners can drag and drop fonts, graphic elements and lists to create customized business pages) and ready-made templates.

Here is the full list of features available to ClubKit Business users:

Create a gallery of products
Design a page for your branded product or service
A news feed for writing articles and announcements
Use the event feed to promote events, conferences, speaking performances, and more.
Widgets and templates to design all of the above
User support and fragile data protection.

The feature set depends on the subscription type you choose. There are starters, basics and pluses.

How to use ClubKit as a blogger platform
So let’s imagine how ClubKit’s customers can actually make use of their space. For example, a sports blogger uses his news feed to announce his workouts offline, post links to classes, sell his services as a personal trainer, and more.

This app is a good place for nutritionists to post their daily menus to their gallery. Professionals working with health food manufacturers and suppliers will upload product photos with catchy descriptions. Our newsfeed may include short descriptions of upcoming talks and workshops.

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Writers and journalists post articles on ClubKit, promote their latest publications, and organize meetings with readers. Tracking which articles are most engaging to your subscribers can also help.

Choose a ClubKit Subscription
Users who register as “customers” can use the app for free. A customer needs a special invite code to become a follower of a specific space. Invitation generated by the space owner. Therefore, companies use the app on subscription terms.

Starter: Owners create a space with a short description of their brand and add up to 2 items and 1 article for free.
Basic: Add 25 products and 10 articles using one business space. Design with a basic set of widgets. Users can announce up to 10 events per space. Free for 7 days.
Plus: Currently the richest plan. There is a complete set of widgets and templates available here. The owner can use them to design two business spaces and his 200 merchandise items each. Businesses can add up to 20 articles to their news feed and 20 events to each space. Free for 7 days.

If you want to show your content to a global audience but don’t know where to start, start by testing ClubKit.

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