Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
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Netflix’s push towards including gaming titles into its service offerings has been an interesting venture so far, and it’s quite an unexpected move from the streaming platform’s usual selection of TV shows and movies. As such, Netflix recently launched its very own Game Controller app, which will allow users to play games on supported devices. As per the description from its App Store entry:

“Coming soon to Netflix. Play games on your TV with the Netflix Game Controller. This Game Controller app pairs with your TV and allows you to play games on Netflix using your phone or mobile device.”

One big caveat however is that the app is only currently available for iOS, although we imagine that an Android release is set to launch soon. Additionally, Netflix hasn’t specified any games that will support the controller app, at least for the time being. The app does mention that titles will be coming soon.

In addition to publishing games on platforms like the Google Play Store, Netflix has also tapped into the video game market by offering users titles via its official app, which players can download onto their mobile devices.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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