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My Radio Mod APK contains more than 50,000 free online radio stations from all over the world. With this app you can enjoy sports, comedy, chat shows, concerts and more.

My Radio is a great radio and podcast listening app that allows users to access radio station sources from different countries. The number of channels is very diverse, making it easy to find and experience your favorite genres. At the same time, it has features that help optimize the usage process during use. There is no doubt that this application has exciting programs that you should not miss.

Impressive radio listening experience

My Radio offers users an impressive radio listening experience that they cannot ignore. This application supports a large number of radios of different types from more than 200 countries. So it’s easy to guess how many you’ll find, and these radio stations cover a wide variety of genres. With a few simple search steps you can easily find the channel you want to experience.

My radio My Radio Apk

Supports different genres and themes

When you search for your favorite radio station with My Radio Finder, you will be presented with two search options. Traditionally, you know what you want to search for, so you need to enter the right keywords and experience them. If you don’t know which shows to watch, you should search by topic and type. The app breaks down the supported categories and themes so you just have to search for what you need.

Save your favorite channels

If you listen to a particular station a lot, you need quick access to it. An easy way without searching is to list your favorite channels. From there you can easily save the stations you want to listen to at any time. Moreover, this feature is useful for applications that stream music, radio and other media. The number of favorite channels can be erratic.

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MyRadio - Free Radio Station Apk

Use app suggestions

If you’re looking for exciting new channels, you can also search by country or region to match your language. Moreover, the quick search function helps you discover new things by showing keywords that are popular with other users. The number of favorites is likely to increase because the app’s channel is well known and one of the most popular channels.

Enjoy your own experience

Another feature you can experience with My Radio is the sleep timer and the ability to set alarms on specific channels. Especially with the good night timer, it is not uncommon for people to get sleepy while listening to the radio, so you don’t have to worry about the continuous operation of the app. Set a sleep time to save the application’s battery and help you go to bed earlier. Moreover, you can easily set different types of radios as alarms.

MyRadio - Free radio station

Supports listening to podcasts

If you have experienced the functionality of My Radio, the ability to listen to podcasts is certainly a feature that makes the application impressive. In addition to numerous multi-genre channels, users can listen to podcasts with in-depth information about the region of interest. When you are tired, you can collect more useful information and knowledge. Therefore, it is an entertainment tool that cannot be ignored.

What’s new:
– 50,000+ radio stations, music and talk shows
– Discover radio stations of different music genres
– Easy sleep countdown timer setting
– Use your favorite radio station as an alarm clock

◉ VIP features unlocked
◉ AOSP Compliant / No Google
◉ CPU arc: universal
◉ Full multiple languages
◉ Removed all debug information
★ recording function does not work
◉ Original signature changed

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My Radio: Local Radio Stations v1.1.67.1117 APK [Vip] / Mirror

My Radio: Local Radio Stations v1.1.60.0828 APK [Vip] / Mirror

My Radio: Local Radio Stations v1.1.53.0611 APK [Vip] / Mirror

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