Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
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My APK provides users with a simple application manager and apk files. You can get a clear view of these resources and perform the corresponding operations.


My APK is an application that allows you to easily manage the apps and APK files available on your device. You can easily find and sort them in the order you want. At the same time, you can also backup your application’s data and save it in different formats. Moreover, you can easily find the APK file on your device.

Supports new features of XAPK

If you regularly use APK or XAPK files, you can’t ignore the new My APK feature. To use the Filetypes feature, you can now perform many operations with XAPKs without having to install Filetypes. This will certainly be a point that users cannot ignore.


Manage apps easily

The first feature that functional users cannot ignore when using My APK is managing application-related items. You can sort the apps in a specific order based on different criteria to make them available for viewing. At the same time, more detailed information is also displayed before many other actions can be easily performed. This allows you to easily create a basis for optimizing the space on your device and removing unnecessary items.

Uninstall or back up apps if necessary

Once you have the correct app-related information from My APK, do the following: Detailed date data allows you to remove applications from devices that have not been used for a long time. At the same time, the application allows you to compress and save the application’s data, and back it up for later use. You are also the one who chooses how to store and send your files after compression.

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My MOT professional

Extract detailed information from the APK file

My APK Support also appears when users search for APK files they have saved on their device. There are many ways to organize and search APK files. At the same time, you can easily choose how to scan and identify these APK files to avoid file loss. If the downloaded APK files of hers are useful, you can install them as well.

My APK mod

It is very convenient to use an application to manage the resources of your device:

This app manages the apps and APK files on your device and gives you a clear overview of them.

You can arrange the requests in any order and read the details in them.

The information stored there can be fully compressed and protected in case you don’t want to lose the information.

Users can also find APK management features to check information, scan locations and install found files.

The new version of the application fully supports XAPKs, so users do not need to use any other application.



My APK v2.7.4 [Mod] / Mirror

My APK v2.7.2 [Mod] / Mirror

My APK v2.7.0 [Mod] / Mirror

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