Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023


Beta release today

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this morning we released our first Beta release of the MTA app. This included some features we had been working on in the pre-beta, as well as some smaller tweaks and bug fixes reported by our testers. Updates should be fetched automatically, but for iOS check “Test Flight” or for Android use this link to manually trigger the download.

New releases include:

  • We’ve updated the trip planner settings screen to make it easier to adjust your trip results.
  • Check out the Details tab to find static subway, bus and rail maps that you can view online or offline.
  • You can add not only stops but also addresses and places to your favorites.
  • Tweaked the way accessible trip plans are displayed.and
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

download the app

Many people have signed up for the beta but have not yet downloaded the app. If you don’t know how or are having trouble, check out the steps here.

Feedback and roadmap

It’s been almost two weeks since its launch, and it’s clear the time and effort the team put into this product. Feedback has been mostly positive, but testers have pointed out a few areas that deserve a little more attention:

  • static maps (with today’s release! Yay!);
  • dark mode;
  • Better station data.
  • Integrated ticket purchase.and
  • Make your favorites more prominent.
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We are currently recording feedback and updating the roadmap. Our next update will contain more details on what the beta will focus on and what you may have to wait for after general release.

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