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Moment’s Pro Camera iOS app adds ProRes Log and 48MP HEIF support

Moment has updated its Pro Camera iOS app to support all the new features of the iPhone 15 Pro in a more usable interface for professional photographers and filmmakers.

Pro Camera version 5.2 adds a bunch of new features, including, Moment claims, a total overhaul of the video engine that adds explicit color space control in addition to support for Apple’s ProRes recording. A major sore point with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max smartphones was the lack of control options, despite the addition of the excellent ProRes Log format. The Moment app now changes that.

“If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use camera app, Pro Camera is for you. We make it quick and intuitive to switch between controls, set up your shot, and keep shooting. Our video controls are similar to those of expensive apps, while our photo controls offer the simplicity of changing and locking the settings you want,” the company says.

Moment’s Pro Camera app is now one of the few to support Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro camera updates and just one of two that gives filmmakers the controls they need to effectively take advantage of the smartphone’s video recording capabilities . Until now, only BlackMagic’s app gave this kind of access, but now it has some competition.

With Pro Camera, filmmakers can now not only shoot in 422 ProRes Log, but also couple this with the ability to fine-tune video bitrate (which also no longer requires app restarts when changed), to viewing with a waveform monitor or RGB histogram and gives the option of photographing with anamorphic lenses. Moment has also added support for Dolby Vision Video (10-bit HDR) on compatible iPhones.

Moment also says the video engine update means improved efficiency, reducing the risk of dropped frames.

While that gives filmmakers significantly more control than with the native camera app, the Moment app also has new features for photographers. The Pro Camera app now supports 48 megapixel HEIF, JPG, TIFF and ProRAW files.

In addition to these new features, Moment also says it has reduced latency when switching cameras and corrected the orientation of HEIF timelapses using a slow shutter effect.

Moment’s Pro Camera app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $6.99. It offers a few other in-app purchase options, including unlocking timelapse, which costs $3.99.

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