Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Gameloft’s Disney-themed kart racer Disney Speedstorm () recently started pre-registrations for the global launch on Android. I played the Disney Speedstorm Early Access launch release on both Switch and Steam Deck. A lot has changed since then, but there were some issues at launch that I discussed in my early access review. However, the core gameplay is a lot of fun if you’re into the kart racing genre. Previously mentioned Gameloft pre-order details for the App Store would be revealed at a later date. Over the weekend, pre-orders went live on the App Store for iOS with a release date of November 28. This should be considered a temporary date until we get an official announcement. Look at the Disney Speedstorm Below is the trailer for season 3:

If you haven’t played the game yet on any platform, it’s a free-to-play kart racer featuring Disney and Pixar characters and worlds. Disney Speedstorm iOS was planned to have a soft launch in Spain, Romania, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria and Ireland over time. I think it’s coming out sooner than I expected, even though it’s coming out in November. If you want to try out the soft launch, here is the Disney Speedstorm soft launch App Store link. You can pre-register for this worldwide on Google Play for Android and pre-order on the App Store here (same link as the soft launch). On Steam and consoles, Disney Speedstorm is available in early access through various founder packs. The mobile version is free to play with various in-app purchase sets of tokens. It will leave early access on September 28, as revealed on Steam, but an official release date for the mobile version has yet to be revealed. Have you played? Disney Speedstorm on any platform and will you try it on mobile when it comes out?

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