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Microsoft has released a Windows is a brief explanation

Microsoft released its Windows app in preview this week. The application is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and web browsers at the time of writing. An Android version hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s almost certainly in the works.

According to Christiaan Brinkhoff, principal product manager and community director at Microsoft, Windows apps allow users to connect to “a Windows 365 cloud PC, AVD Desktop/RemoteApp, RDS, Remote Desktop, or Microsoft Dev Box.” Masu.

This means users will be able to connect to a remote Windows PC from any of the supported device types.

Microsoft has published a page on the Microsoft Ignite website that provides additional details. As Microsoft explains, “Windows apps are your gateway to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, Microsoft Dev Box, Remote Desktop Services, and Remote PCs to securely connect to Windows devices and apps.” .

This app works on different types of devices including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and web browsers. Users who access Windows apps in a web browser do not need to install any software.

This application features a custom home page. Windows app users can pin apps and remote devices there for instant access. Microsoft says the app supports multiple accounts. Users can link their accounts to the app and use the account switching feature to quickly select an account within the app.

The app supports many additional features, which Microsoft highlights on its webpage.

  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Support for custom display resolutions, dynamic resolutions, and scaling.
  • Support for device redirection (webcams, audio, storage devices, printers, etc.).
  • Microsoft Teams optimization (not specified).
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Interested users can download the Windows app from this website. Not all types of connections support all supported device types.

Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Microsoft Dev Box are all supported. Remote Desktop Services and Remote PC are macOS or iOS devices only. Microsoft says it does not officially support these connections at this time.

Instructions for each connection type are provided on the linked web page.

As of this writing, all connections are only available to enterprise, work or education accounts.

closing words

Windows apps bundle the entire experience for connecting to remote Windows PCs into one app. Currently available in preview and supported on all major platforms except Android.

Although limited to enterprise customers at the time, the app could pave the way for a consumer version of Windows 365. At this time, there is no solid evidence that Microsoft is working on such a version.

Once launched, Windows users will be able to connect to their Windows PC in the cloud from any device they are using at the time.

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Microsoft has released a Windows is a brief explanation


Microsoft released its Windows app in preview this week. It can be used to connect to a remote Windows PC from almost any type of device.


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