Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

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  • The Microsoft 365 iOS app enables users to combine PDF files in a simple two-step process, making document management and sharing easier.
  • Merge PDFs is a premium feature available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers and costs $69.99 per year for Personal subscriptions.
  • Merging PDFs does not compromise file quality, and you can save space on your iPhone by merging multiple PDFs into one.

Microsoft 365 Apps manage PDFs well by allowing you to view, print, edit, convert to DOCX files, and more. In addition to these features, Microsoft announced yet another feature for the Microsoft 365 iOS app that allows users to combine PDF files.

Microsoft highlighted a simple two-step process for combining PDFs.First, select the files you want to merge with Select File Page and tap Continue. The next step is to organize the files in the desired order. Once that’s done, merge Click the button at the bottom to combine all selected PDFs. These PDF files can also be retrieved later from Microsoft 365 Apps. That said, you can still change your mind and create individual PDF files.

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The ability to combine PDFs is a premium feature, so it’s not available to users with the free version of Microsoft 365. iOS users must be Microsoft 365 subscribers to be able to combine PDFs using the app. A Microsoft 365 Personal subscription costs $69.99 a year, which isn’t exactly cheap, but Microsoft has recently added a number of new features, including the ability to make it easier to use PDFs in Teams and the new Copilot AI. .

Combining multiple PDF files into one file does not change the quality of the PDF. What’s more, you can save space on your iPhone by combining multiple PDF files into one. Merging also simplifies file sharing by allowing you to send one file instead of multiple files. Microsoft 365 Apps can also do all this on your iOS device. You can also combine multiple PDFs using the Microsoft 365 app on the best Android phones. Again, you must be a Microsoft 365 subscriber.

The ability to combine PDFs is currently limited to iOS users who are Microsoft 365 Insiders running version 2.76 (build 23062603) or later. This feature will be rolled out to general users in the coming weeks.

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