Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Meta Platforms will roll out a web version of its new text-first social media platform, Threads, in hopes of gaining an edge over X (formerly Twitter) as its initial surge in user numbers wanes.

The highly anticipated web version makes Threads even more useful for power users such as brands, corporate accounts, advertisers and journalists.

Meta did not give a release date, but Instagram head Adam Mosseri said it could be soon.

“On the web, it’s close…” Mosseri said in a thread post on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reports that the launch could take place as early as this week.

Threads launched as an Android and iOS app on July 5th, gaining 100 million users in just five days, but after users first tried out Meta’s new product, it became more familiar with the platform. Since it returned to X, its popularity has declined.

However, according to an August 10 report from analytics platform Similarweb, the number of daily active users of Android apps fell from a peak of 49.3 million to 10.3 million in just over a month.

Meanwhile, management is moving quickly to release new features. Threads now give you the ability to set your account’s post notifications and view them in a sort of chronological feed.

We will soon be rolling out an improved search feature that will allow users to search for specific posts rather than just accounts.


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