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Messaging apps provide support for email ID linking to access accounts without SMS authentication.detail

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, consistently makes headlines by tweaking its user interface one step at a time to improve the user experience. According to news tracker WABetaInfo, after the document attachment menu was updated, the Mehta-owned app is releasing a feature for beta users that allows them to link their email ID to their WhatsApp account.

The feature is reportedly being tested on iOS and Android versions and It’s currently available to a limited number of testers, but will soon debut to a wider audience. This update provides a user with an additional account access method if for some reason he is unable to generate a 6-digit code using his SMS functionality.

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According to a screenshot shared by a WhatsApp enthusiast, the ‘Email address’ section will be visible within the ‘Account’ settings. A user can link her email ID to her account to add her second mechanism to access her profile. This is useful if call or SMS-based authentication is not available to log into your account.

WhatsApp’s email ID-based verification feature is being rolled out to beta testers on iOS and Android. (Image: Stevo24 from Getty Images)

After initial email verification setup, users can log in using this credential in addition to their typical 6-digit code. Additionally, you will need a valid mobile phone number to create a new account. The choice of linking or not linking an email ID is optional and depends on the user. It will be rolled out to the general public after beta testing.

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iPhone users can update the app via TestFlight, and Android testers can visit the Google Play Store to download the update and see if it’s available for their version of WhatsApp. In this context, the company is testing an adjusted his UI for the document attachment menu, which allows you to directly select photos and videos of up to 2GB and send them without losing quality.

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WhatsApp is also being tested front/back controls For video players. Additionally, an alternative profile menu is in the works. Finally, the company will soon provide an option where an administrator can view message reactions from contacts in his WhatsApp channel. For more information, This is here.

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