Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Remember Live Activities? DoorDash could be the next app to adopt this feature.

App decoder Aaron (@aaronp613) today shared a code snippet demonstrating that DoorDash is starting to support live activities.

With this feature enabled, Live Activity support allows DoorDash to display delivery progress on the iPhone’s lock screen and dynamic islands without sending multiple notifications for each step of the order. Masu.

Live activities have been used for status updates such as sports scores and flight updates.

Technically, Uber Eats outperformed DoorDash in live food delivery activity by several months. However, I personally have not seen Uber Eats actually working with live activities.

We hope that when DoorDash finally adopts iOS 16 features, we can provide a more consistent experience. As my colleague joked on his Slack, “I’m glad the delivery is faster than adopting the iPhone’s new features.”

Earlier this summer, DoorDash began rolling out very basic CarPlay app support for DoorDash drivers.

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