Listen Audiobook Player APK (patched) v5.2.2

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If you are looking for an application that tells you good stories through reading, Listen Audiobook Player is the perfect choice. With this application you can listen to books in different formats such as mp3 and m4b. Users can adjust external factors before formally experiencing the book, including: B. Change speed or sound quality. You can even schedule your bedtime to play with previously paused items.

Search books by subject

All audiobooks in the Listen Audiobook Player library will be synced with your old library. However, you can split the folders and name the books individually based on different interests. At this point, users can simply search for their favorite book in the library using the name you created.

Adjust the speed, adjust the silence

This application supports reading books in different formats such as mp3 and m4a. If you enjoy the sound of the application, you can speed up the adjustment by a factor of 0.5 to 4. Not only that, but if you want more clarity, you can easily change the pitch or turn up the volume. Alternatively, you can remove the silence and focus on the main content.

Set sleep timer and notification sound

This app allows you to set your bedtime while enjoying your favorite book. Setting notification sounds makes it easy to know when you’re done reading or when it’s time for a break. Especially if you use the Listen Audiobook Player at the desired time, you can rewind parts before pausing.

Bookmark function – record and share

It’s great that this application offers so many tools. Bookmarks are one of them. In certain views, you can browse and view pages from your favorite books. Then you can record your favorite passage and set it as a ringtone or share it with your friends.

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Listen Audiobook Player v5.2.2 Patched APK/Mirror

Listen Audiobook Player v5.1.0 Patched APK/Mirror

Listen Audiobook Player v5.0.13 Patched APK / Mirror

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