Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
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LED Blinker Notifications Pro -AoD-Manage Lights brings you a new great phone experience. Phone users may unknowingly miss important notifications from various applications. This can lead to serious problems such as missed appointments, delays at work and many other consequences… But all these problems are quickly solved with the application below.

Highly accurate display of notifications from the Phone app

With today’s rapid development, users often share works and stories from their lives through smartphones. However, this also brings some inconveniences. B. Notifications may not appear in lock screen mode. Or notifications can be inconspicuous and lost. To solve these problems, we need to change the notification bar in the most convenient way.

Don’t worry about this change because LED Blinker Notifications Pro will help you. This application allows you to set notifications from various applications using icons or display colors. Once set up in the app and the phone receives a notification, the camera flash may light up to notify you, or the screen may perform the same function.

Different types of unique notifications

Once you have successfully downloaded this application, you can access the expert settings of the application and edit it for your personal use. If you are someone who uses a lot of applications from other developers and would like to be able to show notifications, then that is also very possible. Please.

You can also set notifications for screen visibility and camera light. You can also use other built-in functions. You can also have your phone alert you with a set alarm sound when another application notifies you. Once you’ve got everything set up, you can even fully implement the preview feature so you can quickly adjust your notifications if they don’t feel right.

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Supports a variety of plants

To accommodate so many different users, manufacturers must create applications that support extreme versatility. The first thing to pay attention to is definitely the operating system, as each phone device from different manufacturers supports its own operating system. So today the application supports several popular operating systems such as Android Kitkat, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Lollipop, Pie or the latest Android 10.

Moreover, today the application is also linked to many popular and popular applications so that it can meet the needs of the users. Well-known apps that can be used together include Talk, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype Messaging, Twitter, Threema, Bluetooth Messaging, Facebook and WhatsApp. Don’t worry, there are tons of different apps that allow you to enable notifications on your phone.

Missing phone notifications can lead to unwanted conversations with users. To minimize this situation, LED Blinker Notifications Pro will help you. When you open the application, you can install, customize and notify special and unique applications so you never miss a notification on your phone.



LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.4.2 [Paid] / Mirror

LED Flash Notifications Pro v10.2.2-pro [Paid] / Mirror

LED Flash Notifications Pro v10.1.0-pro [Paid] / Mirror

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