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Journal app missing in iOS 17: everything you need to know

Apple has officially released iOS 17 for general users with tons of cool new features, ranging from some effects like Contact Posters and FaceTime effects that you will absolutely use on a daily basis to some that you will forget once the novelty wears off. However, the Journal app is missing at launch in iOS 17. Although Apple released the iOS 17 update for general users on September 18, 2023, you will notice that the Journal app is missing. If you want to know the release date of the iOS 17 Journal app, we have a few answers for you.

What is the Journal app in iOS 17?

Being reminded of life’s special moments is a powerful thing. For example, we often hear how many people enjoy watching memory movies created from the photos taken on their iPhone. And that’s exactly where the new Journal app in iOS 17 comes into action. The Journal app allows users to not only remember their experiences, but also write about them, inspired by rich details of their day, including people, places, activities and even music alongside photos.

Apple designed the Journal app to address some of the biggest challenges people face while journaling. For example, the Journal app provides text prompts ask you questions about your day to help you sort out your thoughts. This can help people who struggle to overcome writer’s block. You can even set daily reminders if you find it difficult to sit down and write in your journal.

Overview of iOS 17 Journal app features

Although the Journal app is not available in iOS 17, Apple explained some of its key features on stage at WWDC 2023. Here are the features you’ll find in the Journal app on iOS 17 once it’s released:

1. Media-rich magazines

The main feature of the Journal app is that users can write diaries with audio, photo and video input. Users can write about their precious memories and add photos, videos and voice messages, as well as location tags.

2. Theme-based journal entries

On stage, Apple said users will have a range of theme options to choose from when writing a post in the Journal app. Themes can be based on the locations you’ve traveled to, the music you’ve listened to, and the photos you’ve clicked on a particular location or trip.

3. Personalized suggestions

This is the biggest feature of the Journal app in iOS 17. Your iPhone shows personalized suggestions in the Journal app based on your photos, locations, music, podcast, and workout. These suggestions are curated using on-device machine learning and there is also an option to choose the category you want the suggestions to appear from in the Journal app.

iOS 17 Journal app release date

While the Journal app was introduced during the iOS 17 Keynote event at WWDC 2023, Apple made it clear that the app, along with some other iOS 17 features, would not debut with the first general release of iOS 17 firmware, and that this one actually came true. So we expect the Journal app to be available for download later this year with the release of another iOS 17 update.

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