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iTunes movie store integrated into TV app with iOS 17.2 update

With the release of iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2, Apple is revolutionizing the way users interact with TV apps. This update introduces a streamlined navigation system with a handy sidebar that lets you quickly move between sections like Search, Watch Now, Channels, Store, Library, and more.

More importantly, Apple is gearing up to integrate the iTunes Movie Store and Apple TV apps, marking a major shift in its digital media strategy.

The integration, discovered within the code of the second beta of iOS 17.2 and tvOS 17.2, marks a move to centralize media buying and viewing.

Currently, users can purchase movies and TV shows directly within the TV app, but there is still a separate iTunes Store app on Apple devices. However, as demonstrated by the string observed as follows, 9to5 macUsers will soon encounter a message that says “iTunes movies have been moved to the Apple TV app” informing them that this integration is complete.

Beta testing indicates that the iTunes Movie Store will continue to be accessible in a separate app for now.

However, internal comments from Apple engineers suggest that this change will be rolled out remotely upon public release of the update. This transition will remove the Movies and TV Shows tab from the iTunes Store to align with the new feature flag.

Apple TV, which currently hosts separate apps for each iTunes Store segment, will also phase out the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps.

The move is in line with Apple’s broader strategy to move away from the iTunes brand, which began with the removal of iTunes software from Macs in 2019.

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The integration was hinted at before the release of the iOS 17.2 beta, with Bloomberg’s Mark Garman reporting on Apple’s plans to revamp its TV app and eliminate the standalone iTunes movie store. Apple’s support website already recommends purchasing movies and TV shows through the TV app.

iOS 17.2 isn’t just about media integration.

It introduces Apple’s new Journal app, which premiered at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and brings enhancements like collaborative playlists for Apple Music, updated tapback responses, and new widgets for the Clock and Weather apps. bring.

This update also enables the recording of spatial video for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro using the iPhone 15 Pro.

As the Vision Pro launch approaches, users have noticed a “3D” icon appearing on some movies in the Apple TV app. This is a feature teased ahead of Vision Pro’s release early next year.

Additionally, the latest beta revealed references to sideloading, adding a new layer of intrigue to this update.

iOS 17 specifications and new features

Apple aims to make iOS 17.2 generally available by the end of the year, marking a new chapter in the digital media experience.

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