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iPhone: Promote the application journal savoir and provide relevant information iOS 17.2

Get the most out of your new iPhone app: Journal, iOS 17, iOS 17.2, and the latest Journal. Specifically, will you use apps or comments? SFR Actus Exprik touts. Swiss le guide!

The best organizations at WWDC 2023, the current state of iOS 17, and the new version of the iPhone development system (actual features). En plus de présenter desnovations captivantes comme le Vision Pro, le prochain casque de réalité duelle de la marque, Apple en avaitprofité pour détailler quelques nouveautés d’iOS 17. Parmi elles, l’application Journal, une sorte de Journal intime de poche iPhone and Focus on integrity and avoid preconceived impressions.

Do you want to create an application journal?

Journal creates an application (ou numérique) that journals in time. Specifically, it aims to maintain a secure environment in a secure environment, taking into account the safety and security of native applications. Vote for iPhone and separate the positives from the negatives. Intuitive. Australian users prefer to organize and build their journals, and spontaneously Choose to pour and journal regularly with an easy way to immortalize your journal.

L’apprentissage embarque est la grande nouveauté de cette app. Celui-ci permet à Journal de puiser dans toutes les application de votre appareil afin de vous Faire des proposals. Application journal with fair applications, activities: visitors, photo capture or encore des proposals. Evaluate entrainment.

Comment user l’Application Journal ?

Provides an intuitive and easy journal. To create a new main dish, use the App or Crichel sur Bouton ”+” to re-inject the required ingredients. Initiation of a private bathroom, écrire, a feeling of creativity and explement in the rescent parlor. You can check the video for the explanation and image integration and audio in advance. There is no need to close the award. There is no need to close the application. Please perform automatic registration regularly. Application note images, evaluate the utility of Apple products, and see the potential of both Face ID and Touch ID.

The iOS 17.2 Application Journal is used to see the latest information about iOS 17.2.

source: BFMTV, BDM, Mac4Ever

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