Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
Apple Vision Pro applications

With Apple involved, the Vision Pro doesn’t suffer from software shortages…and it does.
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Certainly, there won’t be a shortage of apps when Vision Pro launches. Apple announced Tuesday that all compatible iOS and iPadOS applications will be automatically listed in the upcoming app store for AR headsets.

According to Apple, this means there will be “hundreds of thousands” of Vision Pro apps at debut.

There are many apps for Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro made headlines at Apple’s developer conference in June. The headset is his Apple’s first foray into what the company calls “spatial computing.” It focuses on augmented reality that overlays computer-generated content onto the real world.

Apple gave developers tools to create applications for visionOS in June, but headset buyers don’t have to rely on specially crafted apps. Apple has already said that most iPad and iPhone apps will run on visionOS without modification, and in a note to third-party developers published Tuesday, “iPad and/or iPhone apps run on Apple Vision Pro. It will be automatically published on the App Store.”

Apple clearly doesn’t want this to stuff the App Store with software that may or may not be suitable for a device. Quite the opposite. “Users can access their favorite iPad and iPhone apps alongside the new visionOS apps on the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro, making them more connected, productive and entertaining than ever before,” the company said in a new note. It will be possible to rise.”

However, there are exceptions. Apps that require features not available on AR/VR headsets will not be listed in the app store. This includes camera apps, apps that provide turn-by-turn directions, and other types of apps.

visionOS application launcher
Many familiar applications come preloaded on Apple Vision Pro.
Photo: Apple

Apple warns developers to get ready for Vision Pro

Apple says developers have the option of not putting their applications in the Vision Pro app store. It’s a simple “Make this app available for Apple Vision Pro” checkbox in App Store Connect. It is on by default, but developers can uncheck it.

Third-party application developers may choose to ignore this option unless they have thoroughly tested their software on a headset.Apple’s warranty that an app will run on a device does not guarantee that the app will run goodand developers may face angry customers because their purchased applications do not work properly with spatial computing.

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