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Apple’s Vision Pro headset is due for release next year, but developers are getting a head start on tweaking the app for mixed reality headsets.

In a post on the Apple Developer site, the company announced that Vision Pro will come with built-in apps and games, plus access to thousands of iPhone and iPad apps when it launches. VisionOS is currently in beta testing, but there is no App Store. This means that developers cannot use and test third party apps.

Developers gasping in Apple’s Vision Pro labs, company says

But that will change this fall as Apple releases a beta version of Vision Pro OS with App Store built-in.

According to Apple, all iPhone and iPad apps are published to the VisionOS App Store by default. If an existing app requires functionality that cannot be performed in Vision Pro, the developer will be notified and the app will need to be updated with the replacement functionality in order for customers to access it.

However, in Apple’s VisionOS announcement, “Most of the frameworks available in iPadOS and iOS are also included in VisionOS. This means that almost all iPad and iPhone apps can run on VisionOS without modification.” This update requirement may not apply to all so many apps.

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Developers who want to see how their app works and make changes can do so through the VisionOS simulator in Xcode15. This simulator allows users to test the app’s core functionality and interact with its elements. Testing on real Apple Vision Pro devices can be done through the Hardware Kit application or through one of the company’s developer labs in six cities.

For those who want their app to really shine in Vision Pro, Apple recommends building your app using the VisionOS SDK. This not only gives apps a standard look, Apple says, but also makes it easier for developers to add new elements, such as 3D content that is tuned for eye and hand input.

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