Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Developers are already hard at work creating new content for Vision Pro, but Apple wants to give users instant access to all apps. The company shared that nearly every iOS app in existence will be published to the Vision Pro store at the same time.

In addition to Vision Pro-specific apps, Apple said it has “hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that work well with visionOS,” making the transition to new hardware relatively smooth.

The company added that most apps can function without modification. For those that are not automatically compatible, Apple will notify the developer that the app cannot run on the device in its current state. From there, developers can update the app or add alternative functionality.

As a step up, Apple also offers a visionOS SDK that allows developers to integrate Vision Pro-specific features, such as 3D content, into their apps.

Users will get their first official look in the Vision Pro store when the beta launches later this fall.

In other tech news, Sony’s ILX-LR1 is a tiny camera for around $3,000 made for drones.

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