Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
The next set of Apple iPhones are being released

A major software update will be rolling out to Apple’s existing phones today ahead of the release of the iPhone 15.

iOS 17 adds new features such as a standby mode that turns your device into a smart bedside display, interactive widgets on your home screen, and the ability to replicate audio with AI.

Sky News has been rolling out updates since rolling them out to beta testers earlier this summer, and we’ve put together a list of the main things you need to know.

First of all, how do you actually get updates?

Check if your iPhone is compatible

A good soldier may never leave anyone behind, but year after year, apple at least one person kicks iPhone It has been removed from the update list.

One thing that’s especially iconic this time around and will be missed is the iPhone X, which was the first to do away with the once-ubiquitous home button. When it debuted in 2017.

Here’s what’s missing in iOS 17: iPhone 8 and 8 PlusHowever, like X, it does come with important security updates.

Every new iPhone is set up to support today’s changes. If you don’t know which iPhone you have, check the model name in your phone’s settings (General/Summary).

Install updates

If you have automatic updates enabled, iOS 17 should arrive without you having to do anything.

However, it may take a few days, so if you’re impatient, you can force the installation today.

Go to the Settings app and go to General/About/Software Update to see if Apple has made it available yet.

Now, let’s talk about the main new features…

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Automatic correction of “ducking”

One of the most notable announcements when Apple first released details about iOS 17 was: Upgraded autocorrect.

The iPhone keyboard learns your chat preferences, so you no longer have to “fix” your completely intentional vulgar vocabulary.

standby mode

For people who sleep with their iPhone next to their bed, this turns it into a home hub-like assistant.

Once enabled, when you open your phone in landscape mode while charging, selected widgets such as clock, calendar, photos, weather, media playback controls, etc. will be displayed on the screen.

Standby mode is designed for use with such charging stations.Photo: Apple
Standby mode is designed for use with such charging stations.Photo: Apple

interactive widget

Apple was late to the widget party when it finally introduced the iPhone a few years ago, and now it’s following Android’s lead in making widgets interactive.

This basically means you can have a micro-only version of your app that you can interact with directly from your home screen without actually opening the app. For example, check off a task in your reminder list.

phone calls and messages

The Phone app introduces a customizable contact card that appears when you receive a call. You can also share your contact card with new people using AirDrop when you bring your device closer together.

Voicemail is becoming more and more useful, and live transcription can help you decide whether to answer or ignore the call. You can also leave it in video format via FaceTime.

Messages also features check-in functionality similar to apps like HomeSafe, so you can let friends and family know when you’re out and about. Send alerts when you arrive at your planned destination and view important information such as battery level and battery level. If there is no response, check the signal strength.

When you receive a call, you'll see a contact card with a customizable photo and text.Photo: Apple
When you receive a call, you’ll see a contact card with a customizable photo and text.Photo: Apple

Audio cloning and accessibility

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With the aforementioned voice clone, you can create an on-demand version of yourself that can read out the phrases you type. we tested it. You can read about how it works here.

It’s designed for people who are at risk of losing the ability to speak or who have difficulty speaking, and works under accessibility settings, along with new features like customizing Siri’s speaking speed.

Privacy and security

You can now share your iCloud Keychain password with trusted friends and family, and the Safari web browser hides your private sessions behind a facial recognition lock.

Apple’s Messaging app and the third-party messaging apps that support it can now flag sensitive photos and videos before opening them. This is primarily designed to avoid receiving unwanted nude photos.

A check-in feature has been added to the Messages app.Photo: Apple
A check-in feature has been added to the Messages app.Photo: Apple

photo recognition

For households with multiple pets, the ability for photo apps to recognize and differentiate between animals has been a huge success.

Also, if someone sends you a photo of a delicious-looking dish, you can tap the info button to get an online recipe for a similar dish.

mental health

While most people probably associate health apps with tracking their runs, swims, and bike rides, they will now offer ways to track mood and assess signs of anxiety and depression.

iOS 17 also comes with a Journal app that allows users to record their thoughts.

Also, please note that PSA: “Hey Siri” has been changed to make it easier to accidentally launch “Siri”.

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