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With the Photos and Camera apps in iOS 17, Apple added several features that make using the app even more enjoyable. Visual Look Up recognizes more than ever, including the various mysterious symbols you see in everyday life, plus the Photos app detects pets and saves them to their own album.


This guide will walk you through all the new features in the Photos and Camera app in iOS 17.

pet recognition

The Photos app can recognize certain animals in addition to people, so pets can be automatically grouped into albums. The People album was therefore renamed the “People & Pets” album.


Apple says the pet recognition feature works with dogs and cats, and improves human recognition.

visual lookup

Apple has provided several major updates to Visual Look Up. In summary, Visual Lookup is the name of a feature that allows you to get detailed information about a photo’s subject when you tap the info button in the Photos app.

visual lookup recipe.jpg

For food images, iPhone identifies what is in the photo and displays recipes pulled from the web. It can now recognize all kinds of symbols, from road signs to dashboard icons to laundry instructions on clothing tags. Take a picture of one of these symbols, tap it to view the information, and your iPhone will tell you what it means.


If it’s compatible with Visual Look Up, you can also long press the image gesture to pull the subject out of the background of the image and find out what it is.


Finally, Visual Look Up can also be used with videos. You can pause the video at any frame and tap the info button to explore the content of the video.

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one tap crop

When you zoom in on an image in the Photos app, you can tap the “Crop” button in the upper right corner to crop the zoom without opening the photo editing interface.


Photo interface change

In the photo editing interface, the (Cancel) and (Done) buttons have been moved to the top of the display, and all tool icons have text descriptions describing their function.


iOS 16 on the left, iOS 17 on the right

Leveling the camera

A new Levels option in iOS 17 adds a horizon line to the Camera app so you can make sure your landscape photos are aligned and level before capturing an image.


QR code update

The iPhone’s camera app can read QR codes starting with iOS 11, but iOS 17 fixes the long-frustrating interface. Instead of popping up in the center of the display, the link to the QR code now appears at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to tap.

qr code-ios-17.jpg

cinematic mode

Apple has added a Cinematic API for third party apps. This will allow you to incorporate cinematic mode video playback and editing into your photos and videos apps.

animated stamp

With the Remove Subject from Background tool, you can turn your Live Photos into animated stickers that you can use in your messages and other apps.


Just long press on the subject in the photo and select the “Add Sticker” option. From there, you can add effects such as white sticker outlines, “puffed up” sticker effects, and glitter.

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This feature works with any photo if you just want a still image.

screenshot update

When taking a screenshot on iOS 17, you will see an option to save the entire page of the screenshot as an image (Save to Photos).Previously, the ability to capture the entire page… Click here to read the rest of the article

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