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Standby is a new customizable lock screen mode in iOS 17 that allows your iPhone to sit sideways (that is, sideways and horizontal) when connected to a charging cable, MagSafe charger, or Qi-based wireless charger. is enabled only if

Think of it as a kind of smart display for your iPhone. For example, when your device is charging in your kitchen, desk, nightstand, etc., you can quickly access different screens of at-a-glance information that you can view from a distance.

At night, if the room is dark, the standby mode will dim and the display will appear reddish, so you won’t be distracted while sleeping at night. This is similar to the Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode, as the functionality is nearly identical.

Standby mode won’t turn on: what to do

If Standby mode does not activate automatically when you connect iPhone to a power source, place iPhone on its side (that is, horizontal, also called sideways) and at an upright angle (that is, not flat on your desk). Please make sure it is

ESR 6 in 1 standby
If it still doesn’t turn on, make sure standby mode is enabled in the Settings app (Settings -> Standby Mode).next switch stand by is in the gray off position, tap it back to the green on position and try charging your iPhone again in the direction you want it.

Standby mode won’t stay on: what to do

There are several reasons why Standby mode may automatically turn off after a while and disappear from your iPhone display.

If low power mode is enabled (Settings -> Battery -> Low Power Mode) The ‌iPhone‌ screen automatically turns off after a few seconds of inactivity, so you need to turn it off to stay visible in standby mode.

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iPhone 14 Pro Always Display 2
If Low Power Mode is disabled but Standby mode does not persist, check your iPhone model. Continuous standby mode requires an iPhone with an always-on display. This feature is only available on iPhone 14 Pro and newer Pro devices.

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