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With iOS 17, Apple added several new Messages features and redesigned the Messages app’s interface to make it look cleaner. This means that the way you interact with and perform certain actions in the messaging app has changed, and new options like sharing your location have also been added. Keep reading to learn how to share your location via Apple Messages.

Thanks to the new Messages feature in iOS 17, you can now provide your friends and family with your exact location when you plan to meet up. Not only that, you can also request your friends’ locations and keep an eye on each other.

With Messages, you can share your location for an hour, the end of the day, or indefinitely. You can turn off location sharing at any time. If you’re on the go, you can also share your pins in specific locations. Also, when you share your location, it remains in the conversation just like a regular message.

Share your location

Previously in iOS 16, the conversation screen in the Messages app displayed a row of icons below the text input field, allowing you to send photos, stickers, GIFs, voice memos, Animoji, and more. But in “iOS 17” this line is gone and replaced with a single + button to the left of the text field.

Tapping this + button will bring up a new vertical menu that gives you access to all the options listed above, including additional options like the ability to share your location.

The following steps will show you how.

  1. Tap the + button and select position.
  2. Give permission to share your location in Messages. allowed only once or Allow while using the app.
  3. A map showing your current location will be displayed.If you want to share, tap sharethen select the period: indefinitely, until the end of the dayor 1 hour. Or, tap to request the location of the person you’re talking to. request.
  4. Tap the blue arrow icon in the text input field to send your message.
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Share location messages

When you send someone your location, they can see your location on a map. We can also find you in the People section of the Search app for only the period of time you choose to share where you are.

If you request someone’s location, you must wait until they accept. You will receive a notification when a notification arrives. You can also find them on the map and in the People section of the Search app.

iOS 17 may have changed the look and feel of Messages, but the interface is actually more customizable. For example, you can organize your iMessage apps and manage his iMessage sticker packs within the app. Click the link to find out how.

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