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With iOS 17, scheduled for release on Monday, September 18th, Apple is bringing major updates to its Phone app. One of its headline new features is the Contact Poster. Read on to learn what they are and how to use them.

With iOS 17, Apple is giving iPhone users a new way to express themselves on calls with personalizable contact posters.

Contact Poster lets you customize how you present yourself when you call someone. You can customize your contact poster with photos and emojis. The contact poster will appear on the person’s girlfriend’s iPhone when you make a call. You can also combine images with eye-catching typography, similar to the iPhone lock screen.

However, the contact poster doesn’t only appear during calls. It’s also part of the contact card in the Contacts app, bringing consistency to where you communicate and share. Apple is also making its API available to developers so that contact posters can also appear in third-party VoIP apps.

As mentioned above, customizing your contact poster is very similar to customizing your lock screen. You can choose images, fonts, and colors. The following steps demonstrate how they are performed on a device running iOS 17.

  1. open contact address Open the app and tap your name.
  2. Tap. Contact photos and posters option.
  3. Tap editTap , then customization.
  4. Tap poster.
  5. Take a photo using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, select the photo you want to use from your library, choose a Memoji, or add a simple monogram of your initials.
    contact address
  6. You can optionally customize the font size, style, and color to match the selected image. (Please note that you cannot change your name from this interface; you must change your contact information.)
  7. Swipe the poster to preview filter selections, including black and white, duotone, and color wash of your chosen color.
  8. When you’re ready, tap end Preview what the other person will see when you call.When you’re happy with how it looks, tap Continue.
  9. Edit the contact photo crop or choose a different photo to use, skip This step.
    contact address
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Your contact poster and contact photo are now complete. Contact posters can be automatically shared with your contacts. You’ll also be prompted to share with the person you’re calling, so they won’t see your custom image without your permission.

Please note that the design of the Contacts app has been adjusted with the Contacts poster in mind. When you tap on a contact, you’ll notice that the contact’s image, Memoji, or initials takes up a fairly large portion of the screen. This also applies to contacts you have assigned images to.

contact address
Tap the (Contact Photos and Posters) option below the contact’s name to automatically refresh when the contact changes things like their profile picture, or turn on manual updates to update them. You can choose whether to display a message asking you to do so.

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