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iOS 17.2 is much bigger than we expected: more than 15 great features! | by Nikhil Vemu | Mac O’Clock | November 2023

Maybe iOS 17 isn’t as small as we thought

Nikhil Vemu
Mac O'Clock
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Apple isn’t wasting any time in delaying.

We have iOS 17.2 Developer Beta 1, just a day after iOS 17.1 was released to the public. And to my awe, it is a lot of of many useful features that would make my life a lot easier.

Here I list all the notable features and changes in the update with a description of how they work and help make it happen your life easier too!

What’s new in iOS 17.2

1 — The all-new Journal app
New Apple Books features
2 — New page turning animation for Apple Books
3 — Auto-invert black and white images
New music features
4 — Collaborative playlists
5 — Exclusive playlist for favorite songs
6 — New focus filter
New messaging features
7 — iMessage ignition key verification
8 — New way to add stickers to a message
9 — Choose a body for your Memoji avatar
10 — Three new Memoji poses
5 new widgets
11 — 4 new home screen widgets
12 — 1 redesigned lock screen widget
13 — Receive content from Apple Vision Pro
14 – Live translate with action button
15 — Set rainbow colors for your contact poster text
16 — Know what’s in an incoming image without seeing it
Help Apple improve…
17 — AR location accuracy
18 — Emergency warnings
19 – Live activity for news
20 – Renewed user interface for watching online videos

Journal is Apple’s latest app to be introduced at WWDC23 alongside iOS 17.

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