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iOS 17.2 Beta 1: Here are all the new features and changes

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 is packed with new features and changes. From the new Journal app to new features in Apple Music to updates to action buttons, here’s a complete rundown of what’s new in iOS 17.2 so far.

The build number for iOS 17.1 is 21C5029g. It is currently available to registered developers and can be updated by going to the Settings app, going to General, and selecting Software Update. iOS 17.1 is expected to be released to public beta testers later this week or next week.

What’s new in iOS 17.2 Beta 1?

new journal app

The biggest change in iOS 17.2 is the addition of the new Journal app, which Apple first showed off at WWDC in June. Apple describes the new Journal app as “an all-new way to appreciate life’s moments and preserve memories.”

New features in Apple Music

There are two notable new features in the Apple Music app.

  • Collaborative playlists: Invite others to collaborate on your playlists by adding songs and changing the playlist order.
  • New Favorites playlist: Building on the introduction of the Favorites feature in iOS 17.1, we’ve added a dedicated Favorites playlist to the first beta of iOS 17.2. This playlist is automatically generated for all Apple Music users.

New “Translate” option for action buttons

iPhone 15 Pro users can now assign an action button to the new “Translate” option. Once enabled, pressing the “Action” button will automatically start audio-to-text translation between two different languages.

The feature was first revealed with the announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro in September, but has not been available until now.

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New widgets for weather and clock apps

Apple has added three new widgets to its Weather app.

  • detail: Check the probability of precipitation, UV index, wind, etc.
  • Daily forecast: Check the current weather conditions and daily weather forecast for your location.
  • Sunrise and sunset: Check upcoming sunrise and sunset information for your location.

For the Clock app, Apple has added a new “Digital Clock” widget that displays the current time in digital format instead of analog. This is the first digital clock widget offered by Apple.

Verifying iMessage Contact Keys

Almost a year ago, Apple announced a new iMessage security feature: Contact Key Verification. This feature is now available in the first beta of iOS 17.2.

Contact key verification allows iMessage users to “further verify that they are sending messages only to the people they intended.” Apple emphasized that the feature is designed for users facing “cooperative threats to their online accounts.” This includes people such as celebrities, journalists, and government officials.

tapback and emoji

The Messages app in iOS 17.2 now lets you react to messages using stickers and emojis. To do this, long press on the message and select the new “Add Sticker” option. The feature was first announced at WWDC, but wasn’t available until today’s beta release of iOS 17.2.

Apple Music and Focus Filter integration

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 includes big changes for Apple Music users who want more control over their listening history and recommendations.

Apple Music now integrates with Focus Filter. Apple explains this by saying, “Choose whether the music you play influences recommendations and mixes, appears in Recently Played, and is visible to other users in Apple Music.” .

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This means that if you have certain focus modes enabled, you can turn on the Apple Music focus filter to prevent played songs from affecting your listening data.

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 details

Other changes and new features:

  • A new rainbow text option has been added when designing contact posters in iOS 17.2.
  • The Apple Books app now has a new Fast Fade option for page turning.

Are there any other changes in iOS 17.2 Beta 1? Let us know in the comments! In today’s update, we’ll be covering all the new features in more detail throughout the rest of this week.

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