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iOS 17.2: 10 new versions on the iPhone

iOS 17.2 It is in the beta phase for the preliminary round of the test and the price you can pay for your iPhone compatible (such Xr and Se 2020 in such), you can still get a new list of new apps on a bordo smartphone get Apple. The new feature is inevitable tanto attesa app Journal Other capacities specific to models evolving in the trade – iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max – the price girare video spaziali.

Ecco le the new things that are important in iOS 17.2:

  1. App Journal (Giornale) – First of all, it is inevitable that the application is dedicated to the news and with great freedom for writing, capturing, promotional, promotional and reporting with photo, video, audio and various links.
  2. Nuovi widget for the block screen and for the home page – you will see that you can view all the foresights with more possibilities and visual information at any given time.
  3. Scritta arcobaleno per contact poster name.
  4. Canzoni is preferred on Apple Music – tap the icons of the stars to insert your favorite music, so that you can enjoy the preference and taste of your property.
  5. Collaboration with playlists with Apple Music – you can often work together to achieve more or share in a shared playlist.
  6. Focus filter history on Apple Music – the new new music app is no longer suitable for the algorithm of the computer with the best apps (for example, for children), but this choice is not considered if you choose a certain point.
  7. Tasto azione comes traditionally – Possible connection with the pulsating app of the traditional version with the result that you get the most information about Dynamic Island.
  8. Reazioni sticker on menu tapback your iMessage – if you can add an option to the options menu via iMessage tap back, responses will be faster than during conversations.
  9. Memoji body personalization – If you choose from different options on braccia, busto and spalle.
  10. Video spatial – iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max can record video of the ability to view the Apple Vision Pro.
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The distribution of the public version of iOS 17.2 has appeared for the first meta in December 2023.

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