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Introducing the Orion HDMI Monitor App – Turn your iPad into a monitor

Lux Optics is known for its popular Halide Camera, Specter, and Skylight apps. The Orion HDMI Monitor app is back and lets you turn your iPad into a portable monitor. Let’s see what it does!

The Orion HDMI Monitor app lets you turn your iPad into a monitor screen by connecting it to an HDMI device using a USB-C capture card or “dongle.” This app is intended for easy use as a large display or for gaming on the go, and requires an iPad running iOS 17 and a USB-C port to run it. is.

Capture still video on your iPad.Image source: Lux Camera

Connect your iPad to your camera and preview your video

You can connect your iPad to your Mac or PC as an additional display. You can also attach it to your camera and preview it as an on-camera monitor for mirrorless cameras, etc. Please note that we have not tested this app, so we cannot provide information on how many “camera monitor” specific features there are, such as waveforms, peaking, false color, etc. (It’s definitely not as fully featured as Sony’s Monitor & Control app, which we reported on. Of course, this is true for some specific Sony cameras.) Also, information on lag there is no.

Connect your iPad to an HDMI console for gaming.Image source: Lux Camera

Orion HDMI monitor app to enhance your game

If you’re a gamer, you can connect to an HDMI-enabled console to play on a larger screen and enhance HD gaming, or enjoy older games with CRT emulation.

Price and availability

The app can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store. Orion Pro comes with additional features like AI-powered 4K upscaling, 3-way retro CRT emulation FX, and image adjustments (video brightness) for a one-time unlock fee of $4.99. For more information about the Orion HDMI monitor app, visit his website here.

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What do you think about using your iPad as an extra monitor? Can you put this app to good use for gaming or casual video recording? Let us know in the comments below.

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