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Which iPhones can run iOS 17?

If you have an iPhone released in 2018 or later, it’s compatible with iOS 17. That means iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr are the earliest phones, and includes iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and all other modern phones. This includes iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd generation models.

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how to get

Updating to new software is easy, but it’s likely to be a big download for everyone, and there can be significant wait times as many people try to upgrade at the same time. Cultivate patience. For my iPhone 14 Pro Max, the file size is 3.3GB.

Open the Settings app, click General, then Software Update. Then select (Download and install) and let the software do the rest.

Release contents

Released just before the iPhone 15 series, iOS 17 makes you feel like you’ve got a brand new iPhone without spending a cent. It’s certainly feature-packed, but here are some of the major upgrades.

Contact poster—This is an update to the Phone app that means you can control how you appear to others when you make a call, for example. Of course, the other person must also be using her iPhone. live voicemail This means that when someone leaves a voice message, a transcription of it will appear on your screen. After all, if it’s a call you need, you can answer it.There is a better way to search messageThis also improves layout and reply options. Voice messages have also been enhanced, allowing you to pause when leaving a message and speed up playback when received. face time Adds the ability to leave a video or audio message when someone doesn’t answer, and lets you add video effects like portrait mode on video calls. You can also send gestures of hearts, balloons, fireworks, and rain. Rain brings her thumb down from two places below him.

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check-in is a really cool new feature so you can let someone know you’ve arrived somewhere. For example, when you check in on someone, it can detect when you’re home safely and let others know.

stand by This is one of the most anticipated updates, and will show the time, act as a photo album, and display information large enough to read from across the room when your iPhone is charging and lying down. You will be able to do this.

air drop has an additional feature that allows you to share contact details by simply holding two iPhones close together, and a cool animation appears to indicate that a contact has been made. This particular part of AirDrop is called NameDrop. I like that. The usual AirDrop feature allows you to continue the transfer over Wi-Fi if you need to be out and about while sharing content.Introducing better autocorrect keyboard So you can correct mistakes as you type, learn to swear if you want to, and improve speech recognition in response to dictation (although name recognition will significantly improve? No one knows for sure).

map Added the long-awaited ability for your phone to download maps for offline use. This is useful if you’re going to an area with no cell phone reception, or if you’re abroad and don’t want to spend money on roaming. Cell phone data. iOS 17 also has better EV charger information.

can be called Siri Multiple commands work without having to say “Hey” before the name.

There are a lot, right? And it uses better adaptive audio, better health and fitness apps, smarter Spotlight search, and my absolute favorite, Visual Look Up to help you find wash codes before you accidentally shrink your favorite clothes. That’s before we get to the improved AirPods software, including decoding. useful.

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