Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

What’s a so-called “tech hot take” from Instagram’s top boss Adam Mosseri? “Android is now better than iOS.” Mosseri’s comment was made this weekend on Threads in response to a question from MKBHD, and it naturally makes us wonder how his personal preferences affect Instagram and Threads’ product roadmaps.

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Mosseri’s comment comes as Instagram and Meta continue to push the launch of Threads, the new short microblogging social network that resembles Twitter in many ways. Threads is currently only accessible on iPhone – with a very basic web app – and is also available.

Would Instagram have an iPad app if Mosseri himself preferred iPhone over Android? Realistically, Mosseri probably uses iPhone and Android devices on a regular basis, and his personal preferences probably don’t dictate the roadmap for Instagram, and now Threads as well. Still, chances are that Mosseri himself specifically wanted and advocated for an Instagram app for iPad, this would definitely be slightly higher on the road map.

In September 2021, Mosseri addressed the lack of Instagram on the iPad, explaining that while a dedicated app would be “fun to do”, Instagram “has a lot to do and a limited number of people, so it’s not the deciding factor.” has given. ”

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A few months later, Mosseri again addressed the lack of Instagram on iPad.

“The pool of people is still not big enough to be a priority. I hope to get to it someday, but at the moment we are very curious about other things,’ explained Mosseri. “I call this ‘finally features’.’ Things like supporting dark mode, scheduled messages, an iPad app, removing one photo from a carousel, etc.

The lack of access to Threads and Instagram apps on platforms other than the iPhone is frustrating, especially for those of us who want to use Threads as a replacement for Twitter. So far, Mosseri hasn’t announced any plans to bring Threads (or Instagram) to the Mac or iPad.

Perhaps most frustrating of all: Instagram specifically logs out to allow Mac users to use the iPhone version of Instagram and Threads on their Apple Silicon computers. This is one of the best features of Apple Silicon and the option is enabled by default. This means that Instagram has gone out of its way to unsubscribe.

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