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One of the new privacy improvements in iOS 17 is a new embedded photo picker for third-party apps and alerts that indicate which apps have full access to your photo library. Follow the steps below on how to restrict access to his iPhone Photos app for apps with iOS 17.

Apple has included the ability to restrict third-party photo and video access to selected content in iOS 16, but in iOS 17, we’ve made several changes to improve awareness and privacy in this area. An upgrade is in progress.

In addition to the new photo picker and alerts about apps that have full access to the iPhone’s camera roll, Apple said that when an app requests Photos app permissions in iOS 17, users will be shown “detailed information about what they share.” ‘ said.

This includes notifying the user that the app may be able to display location data and image captions, why the app needs access to the Photos app, and the current amount of photos and videos in the library. includes explaining the

How to restrict access to the iPhone Photos app for apps with iOS 17

iOS 17 is currently in beta. If you want to try out this feature and more, read on for more information on how to install the software. Please note that features may change during the beta period.

  1. After installing iOS 17 on your iPhone, keep an eye out for automatic alerts about apps that have full access to your Photos app library and decide whether to continue allowing them.
    • You can choose from Limited access, Allow full accessor do not allow
  2. You will also be alerted the first time an app requests permissions for the Photos app.
  3. To restrict access to the iPhone Photos app at any time, please visit: setting > Swipe down to find the app I want to restrict > select photograph >tap none or Limited access

Here’s how access to the Photos app on the iPhone is restricted when you open iOS 17 (Settings) and select Third Party Apps.

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restrict access to photos app on iphone 1

Switching app access from full access to restricted access shows iOS 17 photo picker. You can use the photo or album toggle at the top, use the search bar, or simply swipe to select.

When finished, tap Done in the upper right corner.

After you set app-restricted access to the Photos app, you can change access at any time by going back to Settings > Apps > Photos > Edit Selected Photo.

Note: iOS 17 reduces the level of access to the Photos app used by some apps. (Settings) shows only two options: None and Add Photos Only. In the latter, you manually select the content you want your app to consume/send.

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