Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The iMessage app drawer has been redesigned in iOS 17, but the reorganization may not be obvious at first glance. Here’s how to change the order of apps in your messages:

Sort iMessage apps

“Simply tap this new plus button to see all of your most submitted submissions,” said Kim Beveret, senior engineering program manager for internet technologies at Apple at WWDC 2023. All iMessage apps will also appear there. “

When you open the app drawer, it’s divided into two sections. First-party Apple apps come first. Then click the “More” button at the bottom and you’ll see third-party apps.

You may have stock apps that you use regularly, such as Photos and Camera, while others may be third-party apps that you use more frequently. It’s a good idea to put these apps at the top of your list for easy access.

No matter which iMessage apps you want to appear on top, you can arrange them in a specific order. Here are the steps to do so:

How to change the order of iMessage apps

You can rearrange your iMessage apps the same way you move apps on your Home screen. Here’s how to customize the order of apps in your message:

  1. Open message Select an ongoing conversation
  2. Tap plus icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Find the app you want to move
  4. long press the app
  5. Drag it to where you want it on the list
  6. Release the app to confirm placement
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Selecting, moving, and arranging iMessage apps

There is no limit to the number of apps that can be added to the top of the list. You can add all iMessage apps to the top if you want.

You can’t select more than one app at a time, so you’ll have to move each app individually. Also, the only app that cannot be moved to the top is the iMessage App Store.

get your message across

It’s very convenient to access frequently used apps from the app drawer, such as stickers and iMessage games.

A redesigned iMessage app drawer and rearranger is available for devices running iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.


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