Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
How to Add Hyperlinks in iPhone’s Mail App with iOS 17 Update

The latest update to iOS 17 brings a long-awaited feature for iPhone users: adding hyperlinks to emails. Unlike previous versions where users had to share ugly URLs in the middle of messages, iOS 17 makes it easy to hyperlink text just like on desktop.

To take advantage of this feature, simply install the iOS 17 beta. We recommend that you don’t use the beta on your primary device, but it’s available for anyone who wants to try it.

Here’s how to add hyperlinks to the Mail app on your iPhone.

1. Copy the URL you want to hyperlink.
2. Open the Mail app and choose to start a new email, reply to or forward an existing message.
3. Type your message and select a word to link.
4. A floating menu with formatting options will appear. iOS 17 adds a new option called “Add Link”. tap it.
5. Then click Paste to add the hyperlink.

If you’re using iOS 16 or older, a workaround using Apple’s Shortcuts app allows you to attach hyperlinks to text in the Mail app. However, the iOS 17 method is much more convenient and works in Apple’s Notes app as well.

This new update is a welcome change for iPhone users who frequently share links via email. Adding hyperlinks to related words and phrases can make your message cleaner and more professional.

– Federico Vitic

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