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How SIM swappers rob T-Mobile stores

An anonymous reader shared a report. A young man is sitting in a car, pointing his cell phone camera out the window, apparently trying not to be noticed. His breath hitched with anticipation as he stared at his T-Mobile store across from where he was parked.

Suddenly there is a commotion inside. An accomplice grabs something from a table where a T-Mobile employee is sitting. An accomplice, wearing a mask and a black baseball cap, then ran out of the store and made an awkward dash toward the car. The man in the car started laughing, then started laughing uncontrollably like a child. They grabbed a T-Mobile employee’s tablet. It’s a tablet that employees use every day when dealing with customer support issues or setting up new phones.

For people in cars, what this tablet can do is far more valuable than the iPad hardware itself. With a tablet, you’re essentially T-Mobile. This makes it possible to take over the target’s phone number and redirect the victim’s texts and calls to the hacker’s own device as part of a hack called a SIM swap. From there, they can easily compromise your email, cryptocurrency, and social media accounts.

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