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Genius scan

Genius Scan is an application that allows you to recognize different types of documents and quickly convert them into scanned files with full content. One action that many users and applications can take is to remove unnecessary elements from documents. At the same time, you can do a lot with important PDFs and share them across platforms with one touch.

Genius scan

Simple scanning of documents

With Genius Scan, users use image scans to save important documents. The steps to run the scan are simple and can be done by any user. Specifically, I need to capture a document with my application’s camera and wait a few seconds for it to process the image and recognize the document. You can easily get perfectly scanned documents by editing some filter related items.

Adjust colors and remove some elements

Images scanned by Genius Scan have distinctive features. Such as background removal, document corner detection, shadow effect removal and many other elements. These can be seen as document capture issues, so the application handles them to ensure image quality. So it is your job to choose the right angle so that the application can perfectly recognize the desired content. You can choose between black and white or keep the colors of the file.

Genius Scan apk

Save time by scanning simultaneously

One of the interesting things that users want when using Genius Scan is the ability to scan quickly at the same time. This is very useful and applicable when the user wants to extract information from a specific document but the number of pages is very large. So you won’t be able to capture and edit all pages, but you should take advantage of the batch scanning feature. In addition, the application supports scanning of different types of documents depending on the user’s intended use.

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Effective documentation made easy

Besides the useful document scanning features of Genius Scan, there are some interesting features that you should not miss, such as editing some document related elements. In just a few steps, you can easily create multi-page PDF files and easily share them. At the same time, you can isolate and use important content or add new content that has just been scanned. So you can perform many operations on the scan files you already have.

Genius Scan pro

Save and tag frequently used files

After the scan is complete, you need to save it to your device. The naming process is very important. The number of these files will increase over time, so you should be able to manage your existing files. These files may also contain tags that you add when you use them. Definitely handy if you’re doing a quick search.

Search documents by content and metadata

An interesting aspect of using applications with storage capabilities is finding important documents. Therefore, users can find the ability to find content and metadata. These are two useful features. In particular, metadata is often information related to dates and descriptions, and is easier to find if the document contains specific information. It can be said that the files should be arranged neatly so that they can be easily searched.

Genius Scan mod

Easily share files across multiple platforms

When using the application, it is a feature that you will notice that the share function also offers a certain convenience. Don’t worry about searching for files. Share files with just a few taps on the app. And there are multiple platforms you can send important documents to, such as email, cloud platforms that help with backups, and handy note-taking apps like Evernote.

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Genius Scan Enterprise v7.9.0 MOD APK / Mirror

Genius Scan Enterprise v7.7.0 build 4549 MOD APK / Mirror

Genius Scan Enterprise v7.6.0 build 4511 MOD APK/Mirror

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